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How to avoid a pit when a novice buys a motorcycle?
Release date:2023.05.25


A few days ago, a netizen message let me introduce the novice to buy motorcycle how to avoid the pit? I'll tell you about it today.

Whether a novice driver or a veteran driver, when buying a motorcycle, we should first consider two issues: the purpose of the motorcycle and the budget. As far as novices are concerned, they do not know much about motorcycles, and the possibility of impulse consumption is the majority. Many novices think that riding motorcycles is fashionable, especially young people, who regard buying a replica race as an artifact to meet girls. So often will walk into the riding handsome does not ride fast misunderstanding, only the pursuit of motorcycle appearance level, do not care about motorcycle quality. In fact, the motorcycle has production tools, transportation tools, leisure entertainment, self-driving travel four functions. You can't choose a car unless you know what you want.

The second is the budget, the general novice Xiaobai buy motorcycle, recommended budget is 25% of their annual income, except for the rich second generation, because people after all have the needs of food, clothing, housing and transportation, we should balance the expenditure, in addition, motorcycle budget is not only the price of the car, but also must include the cost of protective equipment, new motorcycle driving technology is not skilled, protective equipment is more important for the novice, The budget cost of general protective gear is about 3000 yuan.

Finally, the choice of model is the result of comprehensive consideration of use, height and car budget. Generally, beginners suggest choosing models with less than 300 displacement. Common models on the market today are knock-offs, street cars, road adventure models, retro cruise and pedal models. Generally, the height of the seat is 800mm, and the height of the person is 1.7m. The height below 1.7m is as high as possible. The model with the height below 800mm is selected. Under 5 '5 ", vintage cruises and pedals are the only options. Like sports and passion, even if you want to flirt with girls, choose imitation game. At present, most of the imitation models of first-line domestic brands are single-cylinder water-cooled, and the price is about 20,000 yuan. And then there's the Haujue Suzuki GSX250R, more than 26,000, attention, love life, stay away from the horizon!

If you commute to the city at ordinary times and go outing around the holidays, you can choose vintage models. Not only can highlight temperament, but also petty bourgeoisie sentiment.

Commuting in the city at ordinary times, occasionally also pick up a baby, holidays also a trip, it is recommended to buy a pedal. NMAX, PCX160, UHR150, RT1, etc.

If you have annual leave every year, but also a travel talent, then directly buy ADV model, 318, only library highway for you to ride.

Finally, remember that motorcycles are meant to be safe vehicles, and as long as you wear protective gear and control your right hand, you can feel that a motorcycle has a soul. It has been calculated that when a motorcycle crashes at 60 kilometers per hour, the impact of a motorcycle falling off a sixth story is the same. If you always think this way, you will insist on wearing protective gear.

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