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Motorcycle industry accelerated transformation and upgrading, large displacement, intelligent into a new trend!
Release date:2023.06.01

Weekend and holiday motorcycle rides; Motorcycle outdoor equipment supplies are selling well on e-commerce platforms; Motorcycle related videos continue to go up... In recent years, the rise of the "motorcycle trend" among young people has gradually entered the public eye, driving the motorcycle consumption market to run out of speed.

Recently, 2023 Beijing International Motorcycle Exhibition was held in Beijing, 260 enterprises participated in the exhibition, the exhibition set traditional motorcycle, new energy motorcycle, cycling equipment, parts, refit and other dynamic and static display and motorcycle sports, cycling life interaction in one, showing the whole industry chain of motorcycle products.

According to data released by the China Motorcycle Chamber of Commerce, 21.42 million motorcycles were sold in China in 2022, two consecutive years with a sales scale of more than 20 million. It is worth noting that the leisure and entertainment motorcycle market is developing rapidly. Motorcycles with large displacement above 250cc continue to grow at a high speed. Domestic brands with large displacement motorcycles have been recognized by consumers, and their market share continues to grow, becoming the new engine for the growth of the industry.


Longxin GM director, executive deputy general manager Gong Hui said, on the one hand, the domestic brand large displacement motorcycle has been recognized by consumers, market share continues to grow, become a new industry growth engine; On the other hand, as the main consumer markets of large-displacement motorcycles are still developed countries in Europe and the United States, Chinese enterprises with technological advantages and brand potential will step onto the world stage to compete in the market with excellent brands at home and abroad, and their export market competition and opportunities coexist.

According to the "China Motorcycle Industry Production and Sales Express" data show that from 2010 to 2021, the sales volume of motorcycles with large displacement above 250cc increased from 17,100 in 2010 to 333,300 in 2021, with an annual compound growth rate of 30.98%.

Gong Hui said that as China's economy continues to develop and residents' disposable income continues to rise, the trend of China's consumption upgrading attracts worldwide attention. At present, the transformation of motorcycle from "tool car market" to "fun car market" has become an inevitable trend of China's consumption upgrading. At present, the sales volume of large-displacement motorcycles in China is less than 3%, and the sales volume per 10,000 people is less than 4. Considering factors such as per capita GDP, GDP growth rate and the development stage of motorcycle culture, the Chinese market has huge potential.

Sinolink Securities report analysis that in recent years, the growth rate of domestic large displacement is much higher than that of overseas markets. The domestic sales mode is mainly based on hierarchical channel agent distribution. The number of channels of a manufacturer usually means its potential consumer base, while the product power and brand power of motorcycles directly affect the final purchase intention and re-purchase possibility of consumers. Strong product power and brand power give manufacturers higher product pricing space, help manufacturers to expand the market, the latter for manufacturers to bring new cash flow, but also help to raise the international brand image, feeding the domestic market.

Motorcycle manufacturing is not an emerging industry, our country was once the first motorcycle production and sales in the world. But because of road safety, exhaust emission, noise pollution and concentration of low-end products, the development of the motorcycle industry has been affected. Nowadays, with the rise of young consumer groups, the formation of high-quality consumption trend, motorcycle industry ushered in the development opportunity again.

Industry insiders say that in recent years, the promotion of motorcycle racing and the popularity of fun models have become an internal driving force for the industry. In the world's top competition, represented by the Mount Qomolangma Kaiji, in January 2023 achieved the first time in Dakar's 45-year history that Chinese manufacturers with Chinese cars, Chinese drivers and the world's top factory team to compete.

In terms of fun models, Benz, which has always been the innovation leader in cruise motorcycles, also unveiled several new models at the show. According to the relevant person in charge of Penda, Penda's R&D investment in recent years is quite amazing. In power, frame, electronic control, new energy and many other aspects, Penda has started the strategic layout in the whole field. Its modular frame platform can realize cross-type and cross-displacement production on the same platform.

In addition to the above reasons, the support of relevant domestic industrial policies, the improvement of residents' consumption capacity and the change of technology are the major driving forces to promote the development of large-displacement motorcycle industry.

Taking spring breeze power as an example, in this exhibition, its high-end products with large displacement focus on mechanical quality and intelligent experience; Medium and small-displacement products continue to enhance their play properties through high appearance level and easy control. Longxin Wuji also released a full-scene ecological AI vehicle system - "Jiyu OS" at the exhibition, extending the three core functional plates of intelligent driving protection, intelligent driving alliance and intelligent driving interest, to create a driving experience of "intelligent travel and secure protection" for users.

The popularity of motorcycles among young people cannot be separated from the efforts made by manufacturing enterprises in product research and development, extension of industrial chain and so on. Industry insiders said that in the current context of global carbon reduction, China's leading electric and intelligent infrastructure supporting, or will boost domestic large displacement to achieve curve overtaking.

Sinolink Securities report analysis that Chinese motorcycles are currently in the electric and intelligent initial stage. In terms of electrification, it is necessary to wait for the rapid improvement of battery technology. Currently, high-performance electric motorcycles are still faced with problems of endurance anxiety and long charging time, and motorcycle usage scenarios often include complex road sections such as mountainous areas with high power consumption. Similar to passenger cars, electric motorcycles are expected to see rapid growth as battery energy density increases significantly or replacement technology becomes better. At present, each family has been actively layout.

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