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VFLY over the core competition, focus on the global electric motorcycle market
Release date:2023.06.01

Recently, Yadi's high-performance electric locomotive brand VFLY fly for the first time to participate in Albert GP, and carry the first on the track straddle electric motorcycle VFLY fly lion hunt VFD and VFLY fly Tomahawk hawk VFF campaign, in addition to a mysterious model in the event.

Weiyida GP full name: "Weiyida GP Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Motorcycle Race", belongs to the industry's high attention to the event, small track more close battle, chase scene fully shows the competitive characteristics of motor sports, fast pace, strong confrontation, fuel cars and trams are involved.

It not only gathers the attention of many electric motorcycle enthusiasts, but also is a place for domestic electric brands to compete. Therefore, VFLY puts its new products into such competitions, which is enough to show its confidence in the products and its emphasis on high-end players.

At the same time, the two cars in this VFLY competition are also very distinctive.

VFLY Lion Hunt VFD: Mid-mounted motor, traditional streetcar style, more conducive to riders on the track to do some side hanging and aggressive riding action.

It weighs 145kg and has a maximum speed of over 100km/h.

0-50 km/h acceleration time is 3.2 seconds;

Equipped with 11 kW mid-mounted motor and 72 volt 60 amp - hour iron phosphate automotive grade battery.

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VFF: The side-mounted motor not only has the flexibility and short pedals, but also can provide greater power output for the vehicle in limited space.

The car weighs 125kg and the maximum speed is 100km/h.

The peak torque is 238N.m;

0-50 km/h acceleration time is only 2.5 seconds;

Equipped with 72 volt 27 amh high-performance lithium battery.

In addition, there is a mysterious model to participate in the competition, and won the third place in the modified single cylinder group of street cars and oil cars on the same track competition, it can be seen that VFLY not only has excellent performance models, but also the confidence and ability of continuous research and development of new products, backed by Yadi's technology and talent reserve, VFLY Fly will have more possibilities in the future.

In the process of continuous development, as the leading brand in the industry, Yadi's products are not limited to the field of two-wheeled travel. VFLY has injected "track gene" into the electric motorcycle industry. Meanwhile, VFLY's continuous experience on the track is not only a confidence in its own products, but also a good training for the team's design, research and development, and supply chain coordination ability. A good product is just a result. Having a solid R & D, design and production capacity is the core ability to stand on the increasingly fierce competition in the electric motorcycle market. I believe that VFLY will become a heavyweight product based on the field of electric motorcycle.

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