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China is a big exporter of motorcycles, so do you know where these motorcycles are sold?
Release date:2023.06.01

As a major exporter of motorcycles, China exported a total of 25.06 million motorcycles in 2022. Do you know where these motorcycles were sold?

First, the import volume of the United States is 5.58 million. As the world's largest economy with a population of 333 million, the United States is the world's fourth largest motorcycle market. From 2015 to 2020, the motorcycle market of the United States continues to grow.

Second, Mexico, imports of 1.33 million, Mexico is the third largest country in Latin America, ranked 14th in the world, located in the south of North America, Mexico is a Latin American economic power one of the world's most open economies, since 2001 Mexico motorcycle sales growth, the country registered more than 40 million motor vehicles, one third is motorcycle.

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The Netherlands is located in the northwest of Europe, adjacent to Germany in the east and Belgium in the south, with a population of 17.82 million. Although the population and area are not very large, it is one of the hosting places of the world Supermotorcycle championship MotoGP and the top mass-produced motorcycle event WSBK.

The Philippines is located in southeast Asia and has a population of about 110 million. With the rising income of well-off families in the Philippines and rich families owning both cars and motorcycles, motorcycle sales in the Philippines have increased significantly in recent years. The annual sales of motorcycles have increased by more than 300% in seven years from 2012 to 2019.

Fifth, France, the import volume is 700,000, the population is 65.63 million, France is one of the most developed industrial countries, Fabio Quatallaro is the French world motorcycle Championship rider, currently for the MotoGP level of the player. Racing for Talon Power Yamaha Team, he won the 2021 MotoGP Drivers' Championship and the first MOTOGP World Championship in French history.

Sixth, Germany imports 665,000 vehicles and has a population of 83.22 million. Germany is a highly developed capitalist country, the world's most innovative economy and a world famous high-end manufacturing power. Germany is the largest economy in Europe, known as the "locomotive of the European economy", BMW motorcycle brand famous in the world.

Seventh, Turkey imported 517,000 units. Turkey is a country spanning two continents in Asia and Europe with a population of 84.68 million. It must be that many netizens have seen the video of Kawasaki H2R reaching a speed of 400 kilometers, and the driver of this motorcycle is Turkish rider Sokro.

Eighth, Poland imported 500,000 motorcycles. Poland is a medium-sized developed country, an important agricultural and industrial country and the most populous country in Central and Eastern Europe, with a total population of about 37 million. The top four motorcycle brands in Poland by sales volume are Honda, Yamaha, Haojue and Harley.

Ninth, Argentina, the import volume of 488,000 units, located in the southeast of South America, the east of the Atlantic Ocean, Argentina's total population of 47.32 million, talking about Argentina, we first think of most is Messi, but few people know that 2023 Dakar Rally motorcycle group champion is also from Argentina, he is Kevin Benavidez.

Canada is located in the northern part of North America, with a population of about 38.92 million. In Canada, you can apply for a motorcycle driver's license when you are 16 years old. Bombardier is a famous Canadian aircraft brand company, whose inverted three-wheel motorcycle sells at a price comparable to BMW Five Series.

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