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How often does the motorcycle air filter element change?
Release date:2023.06.01

Motorcycle air filter is divided into sponge filter and paper filter, sponge filter is widely used in the early motorcycle, but the sponge filter has one of the biggest weakness, is used for a long time will be aging, especially motorcycle gasoline mixture in sudden flamed out, will be back into the sponge air filter, over time make the sponge aging, The aging of sponge air filter element has one of the worst characteristics, that is, it will be sucked into the engine inlet, causing damage to the engine, so the early sponge filter element has plastic or metal mesh fixed, in order to prevent the aging sponge from being sucked into the engine.

With the development of technology, paper filter element is widely used on motorcycles, paper filter element is divided into dry filter element and oil filter element, dry filter element in order to filter dust, the general density of paper fiber is relatively high, which can effectively filter the dust in the air, but also has the opposite effect, that is, the intake effect is poor, Some car air filter in order to achieve the filtering effect, in the paper filter on the top of a layer of sponge, in order to achieve the sponge coarse filter, paper fine filter effect, such a design increases the dust filtering effect, but after all, dry filter will affect the air intake.

With the improvement of motorcycle emission standards, full air intake, full combustion of motorcycle pollutant emissions less, which is to further improve the intake effect of the filter element, so, the birth of the oil filter element. The oil filter element is soaked with viscous oily substances on the filter paper with relatively large air intake. In this way, the air intake of the filter element increases, but the filtering effect of dust increases instead. What's more surprising is that when there is a large amount of dust on the oil filter paper, the dust is soaked by oil into an oily protective layer, which can further increase the filterability. The oil filter element is strictly prohibited to clean the dust. Of course, with a large amount of dust adsorption, the permeability of the oil filter will also decline, so the oil filter also needs to be replaced regularly to ensure the air intake effect, but the replacement cycle of the oil filter is more than three times longer than the dry filter.

The replacement cycle of air filter element has a greater relationship with the model. The air filter element of straddle cycling is set relatively high, and the dust content of air intake is less, so the replacement cycle of air filter element is long. Generally speaking, the dry filter element of straddle cycling is blown once every 4000 kilometers by air gun, and must be replaced after blowing three times, which means that 12000 kilometers must be replaced. Straddle the oil filter element does not need to clean up, generally 12000-16000 kilometers for a change.

Scooter due to the air filter set relatively low, air intake, the dust content in the air is relatively large, so the scooter air filter replacement cycle is short, the general dry filter every 2000 kilometers clear once, 6000 kilometers must be replaced. Oil-based filter element every 7000-12000 km replacement, but also do not need to clean up.

Replace the air filter element, strongly recommend the use of the original filter element, because the market of the inferior filter dust filtering effect and intake effect is very poor, very easy to cause engine burning oil, this is really not alarmist! Especially after the fourth emission, the new models put out by the joint venture brand are lightweight pistons and ultra-thin piston rings. If the inferior filter element is used, even once is enough to let your engine burn oil.

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