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30% of the motorcycle tires on the street have problems, how long does it take to change the tire?
Release date:2023.06.08

With the arrival of the hot weather, the road also ushered in the "burst tire season", many motorcycle owners are not aware of how high the probability of high temperature weather burst tire, also do not realize that the motorcycle suddenly burst tire on the road safety threat is how much! In this regard, Xiaobian specially launched an investigation! Xiaobian found that 20%-30% of motorcycles on the street have problems with tires. Because everyone in the use of motorcycles rarely to check the tire pressure, there are a large number of owners in order to save money, always let the motorcycle tire service, more terrible is that many fake tires in the spare parts market, inferior tires, replica tires used on the motorcycle, motorcycle tire accessories market is equal to the loss of supervision, fake goods are everywhere!

So how long do you think a brand new set of motorcycle tires will last? The safe mileage is about 30,000 kilometers, the life is about 5 years, which comes first, we must consider changing the new tire. In general, most owners should be within 10,000 to 20,000 kilometers to replace the tires, because many are not found after the nails, so the lack of air riding, leading to early tire scrap!

The cross-section structure of the tire can be divided into four parts: tread, shoulder, edge and bead. Each part has its own function. The tread is mainly in contact with the ground, the shoulder and the edge of the tire play a supporting role, and the contact between the tire ring and the wheel ring plays a sealing role.

The tire is not just a ball of rubber, the inside of the tire is actually composed of multiple layers of different materials superimposed - tread pattern, overlay, wire strap layer "2 layers", stress absorbing rubber strip, tire cord fabric layer, airtight layer.

First of all, we talk about the "wire belt layer", this layer is composed of two layers of steel wire layer superimposed, two layers of steel wire layer into a certain Angle, the role is to improve the rigidity of the tire, so that the tire can cope with the uneven road impact. In order to prevent corrosion of the wire, there will be a "covering layer" outside the wire layer. The "tire cord fabric layer" runs through the entire section of the tire to provide support for the tire. The "airtight layer" is located inside the tire and extends to the bead of the tire, which mainly plays a sealing role.

The specifications of the tire are represented by a set of numbers plus letters printed on the side of the tire. The first number indicates the section width of the tire; The second number represents the flat ratio; The third is a letter, indicating the tire structure, and the next number refers to the rim diameter; The last number and letter represent the load factor and speed level respectively.

When should I change a tire?

1.Tread wear close to wear mark

Any brand of tire will have a wear mark at the bottom of the tread groove. The wear mark height of the general car tire is 1.6 mm "this height is also the legal minimum groove depth of the tire", and the wear mark height on the truck tire is 2.4 mm.

Some motorcycle owners think that as long as the tire is not broken, even if the tire pattern is fast polished, still continue to use, Xiaobian wants to say that you are too stingy. Such old tires are actually very dangerous, when the wet road, the tread pattern can not completely discharge the water under the tire, it is easy to cause the motorcycle to lose control.

So, tire quality and safety, you must not settle. After all, safety comes first.

2.Tire damage such as cracks or bulges

In the process of daily use of the car, the tire may be stabbed by foreign bodies, or it may be accidentally hit the curb, which will lead to tire damage.

Tire damage includes tread cracks, tread bulges, tread rubber missing, side wear, tires repeatedly punctured by foreign matter, etc. Especially bulging, tires can burst at any time.

Friendly tips: As long as these tire damage is found, it is necessary to check the tires of your car as soon as possible to a professional maintenance station and replace them in time.

3.Tire expiration

The service life of a tire is usually about 5 years, after which the tire will begin to age. The main manifestation of tire aging is surface hardening, followed by turtle cracks. Aging tires will lose their due elasticity, and continued use will lead to tread deformation and the risk of blowout.

Friendly tips: Even if you are an old motorcycle driver, do not rely on experience, there is a fluke, or that sentence diligent and careful most reliable.

How to make tires last longer?

1.Avoid burning tires in place

Many car owners like to play some stunts, such as burning tires, causing severe local wear of tires, shortening the service life, non-professional stunt drivers, try not to burn tires, people are professional, you are self-harm!

Avoid hitting shoulders and getting stuck in potholes

Some old drivers like to run the steps to prove their driving skills, fetal pressure is good, if the air pressure is insufficient, it is a big trouble. Tires are the feet of a motorcycle. You know to walk flat, don't deliberately let the motorcycle go to the washboard road.


2.Maintain proper tire pressure

Proper tire pressure can ensure that the ground area of the tire is uniform and reduce unnecessary wear. Therefore, the owner should develop the habit of regularly testing the tire pressure and understand the tire pressure condition at any time. Test tire pressure can go to a professional repair shop, you can also buy a tire pressure meter to test yourself, the tire pressure standard can refer to the tire pressure label of the vehicle.

3.Don't lower your tire pressure in the summer

Many owners mistakenly believe that the summer temperature is high, reducing tire pressure can avoid a flat tire. In this way, the contact surface between the tire and the ground will increase, the friction will increase, the tire will be accelerated to wear, and the tire temperature will rise faster, and the tire is more likely to burst. Therefore, it is still necessary to maintain normal tire pressure in summer.

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