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Take stock of those bright red motorcycles!
Release date:2023.06.08


Price: 259,000 yuan

Ducati has the title of Ferrari in the motorcycle industry, and this brand is also an old player of moto GP, basically 80% of Ducati's models are also red. This super imitation race that many people can not reach is also carrying many people's dreams, if there is a red called Ferrari red, then there must be a red called Ducati red.


Price: 109,800 yuan

The legendary street run the "king of cost performance", Honda CBR650R also has a red series, many riders on its four-cylinder engine is very high, into the country in addition to the engine was castrated off more than 20 horsepower, into the domestic price also has some imaginary high, Last year, when Apulia just came out of the RS660, it did beat out some CBR650R market market, after all, the same 600 displacement street run, with a four-cylinder machine or Honda machine feelings naturally like it!

Triumph -ROCKET3

Price: 238,900 yuan

The Triumph Rocket 3 also has a red model, and there are many people who buy the red Rocket 3! This should be the highest displacement in the current market model, reaching 2458cc, even larger than some cars. Due to the displacement is too large, Triumph to this rocket three equipped with 18 liters of fuel tank, it is said that 100 kilometers of 7 oil, then fill a box can only run 200 kilometers? A gentleman's ride indeed!

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Honda CB400F

Price: 38,500 yuan

After the introduction of Honda CB400F/X mid-row models in China, originally hoped to sell CB400X, CB400F has hope and no CB400X, because the domestic ADV model is popular at that time, therefore, CB400F is also 3000 yuan lower than CB400X in pricing, which can be unexpected. The CB400F is outselling the CB400X. This fully reflects the rationality of Honda powder, everyone knows that CB400F and CB400X similar configuration, why don't I buy cheaper 3000? So CB400F unexpectedly popular, and CB400F red special SAO bag, attracted a lot of Honda powder sought after.

BMW Motorcycle F900XR

Price: From 126,900 yuan

The F900XR is a BMW motor out of a sports performance ADV, feel like a rally car x street car, but also because the S1000XR market feedback is very good, so BMW also want to play more than one model of the market, this is not the F900XR. One thing is that the F900XR is very friendly to most motorcycle friends: the seat height is reduced to 775mm, which makes many drivers who are afraid to do so because of the rally car, not to mention its other features such as BMW's electric control, keyless start and hand heating...

Augusta Superveloce 800

Price: From 268,000 yuan

The 2020 Superveloce 800

The 2021 Superveloce 800

The Augusta Superveloce 800 debuted as a concept model back in 2018, and many riders were looking forward to it. In fact, many models of Augusta also like to use red, including this model from the concept model to 20, 21 years of style, are inseparable from the warm red Superveloce 800, is not the Italian aesthetic are good like red? This vehicle with aristocratic art atmosphere in the aesthetics of retro and muscle perfect fusion together, can be said to have its own style of a car.

QJMOTOR Race 600

Price: 49,999 yuan


This four-cylinder imitation race launched in September 2020, a domestic brand that has successfully come out of the circle in 21 years, as long as you are an Internet surfer, you must have brushed it! QJMOTOR's race 600 red model is also the first choice of many people, although some owners say that 22 years compared with 21 years of some configuration reduced some, but the new training is also better than the old model, the overall horsepower has become larger, the fuel tank has become larger. However, the drivers who like this car are relatively young, and it is also the first or second imitation car for many young people.

Haojue Suzuki GSX250-R

Price: 26,680 yuan (according to local dealers)

When it comes to the first car for a novice, who hasn't ridden the Grand Suzuki GSX250-R? Even my first car is GSX250-R, recall why I chose it, the first is a short time, the second accessories are cheap, and the third is handsome... And it has a relatively affordable price. The 2022 GSX250-R print is directly new with two red shapes, to say the difference, that is, which red more which black more, the whole is better than the last one. This car can be said to be one of the most durable inside the new car, in addition to the chain for a long time there will be some noise but No. 4 does not affect the ride, there are many riders riding GSX250-R run Tibet, if you want to buy a commuter + play cool, GSX250-R is a very good choice.

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