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450cc, Kawasaki new model released, priced from $6,949
Release date:2023.06.08

In March this year, Kawasaki suddenly released a new model of the cruise series, the ELIMINATOR 400, which has caused a lot of discussion after the launch of the cruise model with the past name, and Kawasaki has brought the larger 450 version in the recent press conference.

Compared with the previous 400 version, the biggest difference is that the new Eliminator 450 is equipped with a new engine in the 450cc class, the actual displacement is increased from 398 cc to 451 cc, and the engine travel is increased from 51.8mm to 58.6mm.

It is reported that the reason for the new Eliminator 450 to do so is mainly to strengthen the power output of this cruise model in terms of low torque, enhance its driving experience at low speed, and increase the peak torque of the new car from the past 37N ·m/ 8000rpm to 43N·m/7500rpm.

The appearance of the new car is basically the same as before, the classic low-lying American style, the appearance of the vehicle is also relatively slender; The traditional combination of round headlights and round instruments on the front; The larger engine does look a bit fuller.

The configuration part has a 41mm vertical front fork + rear dual cylinder shock absorber suspension system, and the size of the rim is 18 inches after 16 inches; The specific tire specifications are 130/70-18 for the front and 150/80-16 for the rear.

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The brake part is the front 310mm disc with double piston calipers, the rear brake is the 240mm disc with double piston calipers, and the safety aid is Nissin ABS.

A new LCD dial, this multifunctional meter can be connected to a smartphone via The dedicated App "Rideology The App"; The fuel tank is only 12L, with the official disclosed fuel consumption of 31.6km/L, it is expected to provide 350km of endurance, and the repair mass is 176kg (SE version: 178kg).

In addition to the regular version, the Eliminator 450 also comes in an SE version with a large light shade, front fork dust jacket, dual material seat cushion, USB-C charging port, and exclusive coating. The new car with standard ABS starts at $6,949 overseas (about RMB 49,500) and the SE version starts at $7,249 (about RMB 51,500).

Kawasaki in the domestic market layout point of view, the new ELIMINATOR series cruise car is still very likely to be introduced, and for the previous 400 version, this displacement increased to 451cc, low twist more powerful new model is undoubtedly more attractive, but also to meet everyone's expectations for American cruise.

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