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The V-cylinder 750, Honda's new cruise
Release date:2023.06.08

Honda's cruise series models in addition to the current main CM series, in fact, there is a Shadow Phantom with a V-type two-cylinder engine, and recently this 750cc level cruise has been updated to 2024.

The exterior design of the new car is stronger than the cruise taste of the CM series, the V-cylinder engine makes the whole body appear fuller, and the side double exhaust also highlights the cruise style; However, the configuration is less impressive, and the headlamps appear to be halogen light sources.

The most attractive point of this cruise model is that it is equipped with a V-type two-cylinder engine, and this engine is SOHC, three valves per cylinder design, cylinder diameter stroke of 79.0mm x 76.0mm, compression ratio of 9.6:1; Unfortunately, Honda, like Harley, did not disclose the dynamics of this model.

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The new car configuration is to continue to maintain a good enough level, the brake is the front and rear single disc brake, the front brake caliper is only Nissin double piston, ABS is not standard, but as an optional package; The suspension system is 41mm front vertical shock absorber + rear preload adjustable double barrel shock absorber.

The tire specifications of the new car are 120/90-17, 160/80-15, and the seat height is 650mm. The fuel tank capacity is 14.7L and the maintenance mass is about 246kg.

Honda's new Shadow Phantom 750, which starts at $8,399 overseas, will be available in a dark pearl gray or orange metallic color scheme.

Honda's V-cylinder 750 cruise isn't a recent addition; the series has been around since the 1980s, albeit with less of a reputation than other cars. In the recent hot domestic cruise market, I do not know whether Honda intends to introduce this pure V-cylinder cruise into the country?

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