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Why is the 150 water-cooled pedal more suitable for beginners?
Release date:2023.06.15

Why do I recommend you buy 150 water-cooled pedals?

If you are a novice who wants to spend more than 10,000 to buy the first motorcycle in life, or you can only own a motorcycle at the same time, then I recommend you buy 150 water-cooled pedals, because, safety!

It is true that because of safety, the current domestic models are the most internal volume, the model segment is 150 water-cooled pedals, at this level manufacturers are trying to pile on configuration to improve the appearance level to please users, unlike 125 pedal manufacturers still maintain a low price of the original intention.

01 Tire configuration is the first safety

At present, the domestic 125 pedal is generally used for wear-resistant energy-saving tires, the grip of this tire rubber formula for the small pedals of the front disc drum, are only hovering on the edge of enough, once in an emergency or wetland, then the tire performance is insufficient to cause the most important reason for falling, and on the 150 water-cooled pedals, The tire type and grip are often a notch higher than the 125 pedal.

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02 ABS Anti-lock braking system

This domestic 150 pedal has been popular configuration, until today, most of the joint venture and domestic brands of 125 pedal is still missing, whether novice or veteran in riding no ABS models, more or less have the situation of tire lock, but the veteran wins in sufficient experience, often can maintain the center of gravity, and the rookie does not necessarily have such good luck, This is also one of the reasons why many small pedal users choose to change cars.

There is TCS traction control, which is to prevent the rear wheel slip and fall of a system, many novices for the road grip is not accurate enough, resulting in a very delicate throttle control, this system can be a good solution to this safety hazard, ABS plus TCS combination, is equivalent to the brake and throttle are on an insurance.

03 Power

Although the displacement is only a small 25CC, but under the blessing of water cooling, the power of 150 pedals is generally more than 10 kilowatts, which is more than 40% greater power than the current mainstream 125 pedals, daily commute and weekend play you will have a better power experience, stronger power reserve in driving and overtaking will be more confident and calm.

04 Configure upstream flow

Whether it is automatic start and stop, pulse ignition, keyless start, or TFT meters that support projection navigation, these configurations are simply impossible on the 125 pedal.

At present, the production of 150 scooter manufacturers are highly competitive, every few months, there are constantly new models on the market, and accompanied by the price of the internal volume, now 150 scooters also have the trend of the road car, in contrast to the 125 pedal market, the year round is occupied by several brands, they each account for the mountain to sell low-priced models, This situation will also be broken with the continuous decline of the price of 150 pedals.

What do you think about the choice between 125 and 150 pedals?

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