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Ranking of motorcycle brands most likely to break
Release date:2023.06.15

Foreign well-known motorcycle media ( released a "motorcycle Consumer Report". The report collected information from more than 11,000 motorcycle users and more than 12,000 motorcycles worldwide. In other words, the motorcycles mentioned in the report are ranked according to the failure rate provided by the user.

This report is for the global sales of motorcycle brands, no matter how the ranking, can enter the list of brands, should not be called "unreliable brands." Next, let's take a look at which 10 reliable motorcycle brands are on the list.

10th. Bombardier Can-Am

Interestingly, the report found that 45 percent of all motorcycles in need of repair had not been paid for. That means it must have broken during the warranty period.

9th. BMW BMW

According to reports, in the survey report, the failure rate of electrical equipment accounted for 24% of the fault categories of motorcycle products. BMW, on the other hand, has been investing in electronics. Moreover, this phenomenon is expected to continue as more and more electronic devices are added.

8th. Ducati

While this is a positive development, Ducati is currently in eighth place on this list, proving that they still have room to improve.

7. Triumph

I don't know if you have noticed, except for Bombardier's "least reliable motorcycle" in the report, all of them are from Europe. The next winner, 7th, was also from Europe. Twenty-nine percent of the models experienced some kind of failure within four years. In fact, at present, in some forums in the United States and Europe, there are many complaints about the failure of the three-cylinder Triumph engine.

6th. Harley-Davidson

According to sales figures, Harley-Davidson is the most popular motorcycle brand in the United States. They were ranked sixth in the report for reliability. 26% of these products experienced failure within the specified time period. Despite a moderate reliability rating, Harley-Davidson miraculously ranks second in customer satisfaction, with 72% of users saying they are satisfied with Harley-Davidson products. It seems that for Harley users, repairing the car is not a big problem, but also part of the fun!

5th. Victory Victory

The Victory brand is no longer in operation, but that doesn't affect how consumers rate them. Also an American brand, Victory scored significantly better than Harley in reliability (17% vs 26%). Moreover, the brand's customer satisfaction rate is 7 percentage points higher than Harley's, reaching a staggering 80 percent.

4th. Kawasaki

In the following list, we enter the exclusive area of Japanese brands. The four major Japanese motorcycle brands have always been known worldwide for their reliability and stability of quality, ranking fourth is Kawasaki, with a failure rate of 15%.

2th and 3th. Honda Honda, Suzuki Suzuki

Honda and Suzuki are tied for second place, and in this survey we can hardly see a difference between Honda and Suzuki. They have an average failure rate of only 12% in the first four years of ownership, and they have launched the most products in the world.

1th. Yamaha

Yamaha, ranked first, was awarded the motorcycle brand with the lowest failure rate by Motorcycle Consumer Reports. They have a failure rate of 11 percent.

Does this list meet your expectations? What do you think is the "most reliable" motorcycle brand?
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