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Which of the seven rocker arm structures have you seen?
Release date:2019.06.21

The rear rocker arm of a motorcycle is also called the rear fork, which refers to the place where the rear wheel is connected with the motorcycle body to fix the rear wheel, carry the body pressure and maintain stability. At the same time, different rear rocker arms have a great impact on the performance of the car.


There are six common back rockers

1. Tubular back rocker arm

In the early car, the first thought that as long as the motorcycle can be connected, maintain stability and let the car to run, there will be a situation, both sides of the shock absorption can not reach the precision of the adjustment, the body force is not uniform, the stability of the car is poor.

2. Square tube rear rocker arm

The rear dual shock absorption to the central shock absorption, the cost is relatively low, can also meet the normal driving conditions, now many cars are still in use3. Reinforced square tube rear rocker arm

On the basis of the rocker arm after the square tube, the square tube is added to form a triangle stability, which is often seen in the old generation of sports cars

4. Upper triangle back rocker

Also known as the one-piece triangular rocker arm, it was used in the previous public upgraded sports cars, but it still has some shortcomings, such as insufficient compressive resistance.

5. Lower triangle back rocker arm

Reverse the upper triangle to improve, mostly used on the track performance car

6. Eurowing rear rocker arm

Mainstream civil vehicles use this way, strength, support force is good, the relative cost is also low, like the yellow dragon 300 is this kind of rocker arm.

7. Single rocker arm

It is a kind of single-side connection body, the most intuitive performance is good-looking, full of technology, ducati basically use single rocker arm, there are many people say unilateral support can be done, will not be unsafe? In fact, it is very safe, and the performance and flexibility of the car have been improved, and a certain amount of weight will be reduced. The only disadvantage is that it is relatively expensive, which will increase the cost of materials and production.

Double rocker arm and the difference between single rocker arm is connected to the body parts, one is on both sides of the, a side has only, for an example of the simplest, sweep out a Shared cycling, the worship is single rocker, yellow car is double rocker arm, in the same car, usually order is better than the double rocker rocker arm, price is higher also.