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Advantages and disadvantages of chain drive and belt drive!
Release date:2019.06.21

There are three kinds of motorcycle transmission: chain drive, belt drive and shaft drive. Most people only know the chain drive a way, because most of the cars sold in the market are used chain drive, chain drive and belt drive what advantages and disadvantages?


Chain drive: common scooter, racing cars and other mainstream models are basically used in this way of transmission

Advantages: simple structure, light weight, the price is relatively cheap, maintenance is convenient, the a little maintenance skills can be remove yourself, higher energy efficiency, power transmission directly, starting and speed is faster, so like car instead of walking and pay attention to the performance of the car are used chain drive, just the chain the difference between good or bad.

Disadvantages: the noise will be a little larger, exposed chain impurities easy to go in, need frequent maintenance, add lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of the chain, the chain drive is metal friction, will wear gear disc, when the bite loose need to be replaced.

Belt drive: mostly used in smooth cruising models and pedals.

Advantages: the material is soft, so there is almost no noise during the operation, and it is smooth in the driving. Longer life, no need to add lubricating oil, reduce the maintenance procedures, in the lifting gear when there is no obvious feeling, higher comfort.

Disadvantages: due to low friction force and low transmission efficiency, the belt will slip when there is a large torque, and the manufacturing and maintenance cost is high, which is basically twice that of the chain drive. All the stones on the cycling road may damage the belt, and if the belt breaks, it will be impossible to repair it on the road.

Actually the transmission way for consumers is not important, adopt the way that is the business of manufacturers, we are in a car as long as want to know your purpose, to select the suitable models and two ways to also have no who good who bad, basic is like Harley belt drive, but because of its unique modelling and comfortable driving experience, also get a lot of people like.