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The more cylinders a motorcycle has, the better its performance?
Release date:2019.06.21

Motorcycle from birth to today, more than 100 years of history witnessed the motorcycle changes, among which the engine also experienced earth-shaking changes. At present, the popular locomotives sold in the market, from single cylinder machine, two cylinder machine, three cylinder machine to six cylinder machine, a wide range of engines available to different car users. In today's two stroke engine gradually disappear, motorcycle engine market for the present, has been occupied by a four-stroke engine completely, the number of engine cylinders, in addition to directly affect the dynamic performance of vehicle, can also affect the design of the vehicle the appearance, let's talk about today, the more number of cylinders of the motorcycle, the better the performance is?


1. Engine type and working mode

Now we know that the most common engine is single cylinder engine, the structure design is simple, low loss, low fuel consumption, in addition to the single cylinder engine, common and two cylinder engine, three cylinder engine, four-cylinder engine, the largest number of cylinders of the engine from Honda gold wing six-cylinder engine, our habits will call for more than three cylinder engine cylinder engine. More than two cylinder engine working mode, there are synchronous and asynchronous mode, the two working mode is different, the performance of the engine has a certain impact.

2. Why are there so many cylinders

The most direct reason for the number of cylinders is to increase the exhaust volume of the engine. Generally speaking, changing the internal structure of the engine can simply increase the exhaust volume by increasing the inner diameter and stroke. However, blindly changing the internal structure of the engine will produce corresponding problems. Increasing the inner diameter will directly lead to the expansion of the cylinder volume, which is a little bulky. At the same time, increasing the travel speed must increase the piston speed, so the engine's rotation becomes difficult and the vibration amplitude will increase. The most effective solution to this problem is to increase the number of cylinders in the engine.

3. Increase the change of cylinder

By increasing the number of cylinders, the engine's pistons can be designed to be smaller and lighter, with shorter journeys and easier turns. As we all know, engine turns bring more horsepower, higher turns bring more horsepower, and at the same time, the vibration is relatively reduced and the engine runs more evenly.

To sum up, the more the better the performance of the car engine number of cylinders, we can also from car prices can be found on the market, often large importing cars are basically four cylinder car, four cylinder motorcycle's price will be higher at the same time, is the 565 less, many hundreds of thousands of differ, such as BMW 1000 r, kawasaki Z1000 are very hot selling four cylinder motorcycles, and more applied in the domestic motorcycle single-cylinder motorcycles, relatively much cheaper price, basic common between, like spring breeze 250 nk, lifan 250, xinyuan 400 motorcycle, etc.

In a word, motorcycle engine, as the heart of the vehicle, plays a crucial role in the output of power. When we buy a motorcycle, we need to consider not only the appearance design and electronic system of the car, but also the number of cylinders in the engine.