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Motorcycle fuel gauge instructions are not allowed to fully throttle or "weak acceleration"?
Release date:2019.06.21


Why the motorcycle fuel gauge indication is not accurate, twist the throttle or speed forward "acceleration weakness"?

I'm sure you've all had the same experience. No matter what kind of car you're in, you always feel that the fuel gauge on your car is not accurate. When you want to accelerate, you can't pick up the speed. Here's how!

Motorcycle fuel meter indicates the problem is not accurate fill up after the oil while the location of the instructions will be granted to the full, but not with the oil consumption and falling slowly, reflects the real condition of oil, but the gas gauge pointer indicates a decline in can drop a one or two, some models, even if it is a drop down to half of the readings, a state of some car oil full time is very long, but then after the lost one soon.

Why are some cars right and others wrong?

First a problem related to the shape of the cans, cans of motorcycle unlike cars can do square, usually for modelling and space vehicle, motorcycle fuel tank has a lot of different angles, so will cause the oil amount in more than half the time corresponding to the gas gauge instructions appear even accurate enough, also because of this, so you're often car's gas gauge pointer has exactly, actually inside the barrel is at least a quarter litre capacity, some models even have 1/2 liter oil amount, in addition to supply emergency oil demand, basically is the result of the oil drum shape. There's not much mystery to this question.

The purpose of the fuel gauge is not to let the owner ride the car until it is out of gas. Therefore, the fuel gauge runs slowly when there is a large amount of fuel. As long as the fuel information can be reflected from the gauge when half of the gasoline is consumed, it is already a competent fuel gauge from our point of view.

Is no way you can record the mileage to that range, after each fill up the subtotals mileage, spend a little time a little practical calculate their car a barrel of oil tank can run far distance, this habit in conjunction with oil's instructions, believe that will not fall into the ride to the oil not only by the dilemma cart to the gas station.

Several reasons for motorcycle inability to accelerate:

Motorcycle speed, the reasons are many, the situation is not the same, so the car in their own love when this problem, the best timely maintenance, risk aversion appeared chain reaction. Cause unnecessary trouble!

(1) reduction of engine compression ratio: the power of the engine is directly linked to the compression ratio. With the use of the vehicle, internal parts of the engine will suffer from wear. If some major parts suffer from excessive wear, the compression ratio of the engine will drop.

(2) transmission system fault: when the clutch slips, the acceleration performance of the vehicle will be extremely reduced. This fault should be fixed from the outside first, the engine should first check the combustion status, and then according to the performance of the engine combustion status of the carburetor to make the corresponding adjustment. If the effect is not obvious, the ignition system should be checked according to the performance of the fault. So after the operation of the fault still can not be eliminated should be dismantled maintenance.

(3) circuit problems

1, ignition time is too early, burning time too early will occur high pressure spark incineration is rising to tighten the piston brings a lot of resistance, it not only affects the acceleration function. And will lead to the engine is not easy to start, idle and speed up the phenomenon of knocking cylinder.

2, ignition time is too late, burning time too late is because the burning time missed the best burst of time, and make the flame in the cylinder to stay at the moment is long, not only directly affect the acceleration function, but also can cause engine overheating, exhaust pipe shooting, noise annoyance and other phenomena.

3. High-voltage power failure. Due to the high and low-voltage components and circuits of the incineration system, the high and low-voltage ignition can not be connected with each other due to zhangzhou, causing the engine to be unable to speed up the operation; High voltage spark red, weak, because the incineration circuit electrical components and circuit problems caused by the high voltage is too weak, so that the engine operation is bad.

(4) failure of oil supply system

1, less good fuel quality, gasoline labeling is wrong, can cause deflagration; Gasoline storage expired, decomposition occurred, calorific value decreased; The presence of water in the oil disconnects the engine operation and causes the phenomenon of shooting. There are other components in gasoline.

2, air filter blocking carburetor plane is too high; Carburetor float chamber overflow; Carburetor main hole loosening; The carburetor enrichment system is poorly reset. The carburetor main air orifice is blocked.

3, less oil, mixture into thin lead to ignition after the gas acting on the piston thrust is insufficient, and make the combustion time longer, engine overheating and other faults. The reason of lean oil is poor acceleration in operation. When you move the damper or pump oil with your hand, the acceleration becomes better, while when you do not add concentrated mixture, the acceleration becomes weak. At this time, we can say that the motorcycle is in lean oil state.

4, more oil, mixture of excessive concentration caused by low speed motorcycle speed up. Due to the lack of enough oxygen when the mixture is too thick, the mixture incineration is incomplete, the power is reduced and the economic function is poor.