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Motorcycle vacuum tire commonly used repair method
Release date:2023.06.25

The situation of riding a motorcycle tire, almost every motorcycle owner will encounter, after all, the tire is a rubber product, and there is no force to fight back when it comes to nails. Fortunately, most of the motorcycles now use vacuum tires, the tires will not be immediately out of air after tying the tire, and the gas is slowly missing, but it is precisely because of this, so that many owners do not know the tire. Therefore, motorcycle owners should check the tire pressure before driving, if the tire pressure is insufficient, it is generally punctured. Of course, can not say that the tire pricked a nail to replace, too wasteful. However, if the nail is very thick, it may really be impossible to repair. Tire experts say that tires with studded tread and nail hole aperture greater than 6mm are not recommended to repair and need to be replaced.

For vacuum tires of motorcycles, there are four common ways to repair the tire.

1, plug rubber strip repair tire.

Using a special tool (an awl with a hole in the tip) to insert the rubber strip directly into the nail eye of the tire surface, commonly known as "beating the cow tendon", is the most used way to repair the tire in large-scale activities.

Advantages: fast and convenient, simple operation, no need to remove the tire, and no need to do dynamic balance

Disadvantages: the wound will expand and damage the tire, and it is not durable, poor reliability, and slow leakage will occur over a long time.

2, internal compensation,

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Remove the tire and clean it, sand it with a blunt object, and apply the patch to the gap with glue.

Advantages: strong and durable, high reliability, the price is not expensive, dozens of dollars can be done

Cons: It's hard to repair a big wound

3, mushroom nail tire repair,

It is also a kind of internal repair, and the repair of the tire is like a mushroom, which is directly attached to the damage in the tire.

Advantages: Good tire repair effect

Disadvantages: expensive, some to more than 100 yuan

4. Fire repair.

The same as the cold patching method, there is also a film, but the film is not pasted and done, it needs to be baked with a heating device, the patch is baked, so that it is integrated into the tire wound, after cooling, it is integrated with the tire.

Advantages: High reliability. Durable.

Weaknesses: But because of the high requirements for construction technology, and time, poor operation is easy to lose the tire, so many repair shops will not give fire repair.

5, repair fluid

It's very simple to use, directly into the mouth of the repair fluid on the line.

Advantages: Fast and convenient

Disadvantages: The damage to the wheel is relatively large

For the vacuum tire of the general motorcycle, the method of cold subsidy film can be done, the most economical; If the tire is more expensive and relatively new, you can consider mushroom nail repair. No matter what kind of repair, tire dynamic balance must be done, many repair shops are not standardized, and do not do dynamic balance after filling, directly load the car to you. If the tire dynamic balance difference is too much, the motorcycle will tremble at high speed, so the dynamic balance must be done.

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