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Ninja New generation styling, ZX-10R domestic market, priced from 256,800 yuan
Release date:2023.06.25

Kawasaki, which just introduced the ZX-4R entry model in the market last month, launched the big brother of the ZX series to the domestic market some time ago - 2023 ZX-10R KRT, with a starting price of 256,800 yuan for a new car, 20,000 yuan more expensive than the previous generation.

Kawasaki's new generation of "Bull" has been optimized from the appearance, core engine, auxiliary driving system and riding triangle.

The new ZX-10R uses a new generation of Ninja front design, adding a set of integrated fixed wind wings on both sides of the headlamp, and the invisible design without bumps on the outside allows the outer envelope to rush forward, and the new front face is more aggressive.

In order to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the new car, the new car also has a higher windshield and a new ram air intake design.

The power part of the new ZX-10R is equipped with a 998cc four-cylinder engine, although the power data has not changed, but the official has optimized the internal tooth ratio of the gearbox, added the final drive sprocket (39T to 41T) and shorter 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear ratios to improve the acceleration performance of the new car. At the same time, the independent circuit of the air oil cooling cooler and the new exhaust system to maintain the power output have been optimized.

The peak horsepower is 203PS (149.3kW)/13,200 rpm, the ram intake horsepower is 213 PS(156.8kW)/ 13,200rpm, the peak torque is 114.9N •m / 11,400 rpm, and the power parameters are the same as overseas.

The frame has also been improved, with Kawasaki lowering the ZX-10R's rear rocker pivot, lengthening the wheelbase, optimizing the front geometry, moving the handlebars forward by 10 mm, raising the pedals by 5 mm, and making the riding posture more aggressive.

The Showa suspension setup has also been further adjusted with the race-grade Showa fully adjustable shock kit, front Showa Balance Free Fork and rear ShowA BFRC-Lite horizontal multi-link shock absorbers.

The brakes are race-sized Brembo M50 high-performance brakes with dual 330mm discs at the front and single 220mm discs at the rear, as well as Ohlins electronic steering damping as standard.

The electronic control system consists of KCMF curve control based on IMU six-axis inertial system, high-performance S-KTRC traction control, KLMS ejection start, KIBS intelligent ABS, KQS bi-directional electronic quick layout and so on.

Other features include electronic cruise control, a variety of riding modes that can be switched at the touch of a button, and a 4.3-inch TFT meter that can connect to a phone.

Kawasaki in the domestic launch is the KRT version, tire specifications for the front 120/70-17, the rear 190/55-17, seat height 835mm, fuel tank capacity 17L, 100 km fuel consumption of 6L, repair mass 207kg.

The update of the new Daniel is not a simple replacement of the version of flowers, but continues to improve the details of control and other aspects, and the launch of the new car is also to provide an advanced choice for Ninja series of car lovers.

The domestic official micro called the new "Daniu" shape a new generation of Ninja shape, the Ninja series models on sale should be modified along this appearance, the new ZX-6R released some time ago has followed up, the next modified model may be the entry model ~

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