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Honda new pedal Spacy125 refresh, intercity cycling fashion cool!
Release date:2023.06.30

In June, new cars of the 125 class were launched intensively.

125 level pedal will usher in a new round of fighting?

As a number of classic pedal models on the market, Wuyang Honda has successively upgraded a number of best-selling models in 2023.

After the upgrade of Spacy125, the overall temperament of the vehicle is more advanced and modern, and it is a Honda independent standard, which gives the vehicle a strong Honda temperament.

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Intercity riding, calm and confident texture life, will start from this moment!

High-grade appearance temperament

The streamlined body shape, slender front circumference design, warm and soft V-shaped front face design, full of modern and advanced sense of Spacy125.

Modern headlights, unique and deep, rich hierarchical sense, easy to illuminate the road ahead, both safe and beautiful; Beautiful and eye-catching rear taillights, high clear recognition, highlighting the texture of the vehicle; Stylish dashboard, HD display, stylish and modern.

Practical and secure intimate design

More practical and safe details design and configuration, also make the Spacy125 a further value. CBS brake linkage system, when braking, the rear wheel brake power is appropriately distributed to the front wheel, smooth and comfortable, safe and more secure driving.

Large storage space, can accommodate more accompanying items, practical and convenient; Safe traffic, can easily pass through a variety of urban pavement; Integrated magnetic anti-theft lock, ignition switch, steering lock, saddle lock in one, to ensure the safety of your car, you can enjoy a more convenient modern life.

Honda Hardcore Technology

The Spacy125 is powered by Honda's efficient engine and PGM-FI efficient EFI technology. Honda efficient engine, more superior power output, through the internal structure technology optimization, reduce friction and reduce vibration, to achieve 74.6db ultra-quiet effect, so that driving more comfortable, more leisurely.

PGM-FI efficient EFI technology can achieve precise control of fuel injection and ignition, and fuel consumption can be greatly reduced, which is also in line with the development trend of The Times of low-carbon environmental protection travel.

Superior beauty modern choice

This time, Spacy125 is equipped with four main colors of graphite gray, phantom black, digital silver, and starmoon white, giving the vehicle a more advanced sense of modern freedom of choice.

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