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Motorcycle refueling precautions!
Release date:2023.06.30

Some people say that motorcycle refueling has a lot of doors, master can save money, is this in the end is true? Today I will talk to you about the door of refueling, in the end what is true, what is false?

1, some people say that summer refueling, to choose to add sooner or later, low temperature, high gasoline density, burning resistance, it seems to be very reasonable, but in fact there is no difference. Because the storage tanks of large gas stations are buried underground, the underground basically maintains a constant temperature, which is not affected by the ground temperature, even if the temperature of the gasoline through the refueling pipeline rises, the real difference is not big, according to the motorcycle 12L tank, the density difference between 25 degrees and 35 degrees temperature oil is converted into money, there is a difference of 5 cents.

2, do not add when you see the gas station tank truck unloading oil, there are impurities. This statement is half right and half wrong, when the tanker is unloading oil, the gas station is not allowed to refuel, even if there is refueling, there may be two oil storage tanks at the gas station, one is unloading oil, the other can be added normally. It is not that impurities will be added to your tank when unloading oil, because all oil storage tanks have filters, do not worry. The main reason why gasoline is not allowed to refuel when unloading oil is static electricity, there is a greater risk of refueling at this time, of course, if the small oil station you have to pay attention to, the small oil station is generally not two oil storage tanks, if you find refueling when unloading oil, you can report!

3, Add gasoline as long as the label is on the line, not the more expensive the better, it has long been said that the gasoline label is the level of anti-knock performance is different, related to the compression ratio of the vehicle, not the higher the better.

4, motorcycle businesses need to add gasoline when storing and selling cars, be sure to use iron barrels, because iron barrels can put the electrostatic grounding of gasoline. No security risk. Never take a plastic pot!

5, summer refueling try not to fill up, add to about 80%, the reason for leaving room is that the summer tank is easy to heat, making gasoline expansion, volatilization to the carbon tank, easy to cause poor start.

So, add an oil as long as you pay attention to anti-static, don't add too full, the other is not so famous, don't listen to some self-righteous people nonsense!

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