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Motorcycle driving safety Guide
Release date:2023.06.30

Check the tire pressure before going out every time, especially when going far, if the load increases, the tire pressure should also be increased.

Always wear protective gear, no matter how close the journey.

Travel by car

Keep a good view

When going straight through an intersection, watch for the second car turning left in the opposite lane, the first car turning left may block his view and he will not be able to spot you in time.

Do not enter the blind spot of the car in front, it may not use the turn signal to turn right or merge; Do not pass on the right of the car in front when it is making a right turn.

Do not closely follow a bus or a large truck, especially when crossing an intersection, to the left turn of the car will be a great danger to you. Encounter a bus or large truck in front of you, either change lanes or keep enough distance from it.

When you are merging from the leftmost lane to the center lane, be sure to look back and make sure no cars are merging from the rightmost lane to the center lane.

When you are merging from the leftmost lane to the center lane, be sure to look back and make sure no cars are merging from the rightmost lane to the center lane.

Spilled oil, or fuel oil, is the most dangerous thing you can encounter on the road. Watch the color of the road and slow down if you smell diesel.

Special section running

When repairing roads, longitudinal road blocks will be formed between the old and new asphalt pavement, which is particularly dangerous to motorcycles, try to avoid rolling it, if it is impossible to avoid, be sure to choose an Angle greater than 45 degrees.

When the motorcycle turns around on a narrow road, first shift the body's center of gravity to the outside pedal, which will make the motorcycle tilt a greater Angle, turn your eyes to where you are going, the opening of the throttle can ensure that the car does not stall, do not pinch the clutch handle.

Longitudinal grooves in the road can easily lead to crashes. Maintain sufficient distance from the vehicle in front, and identify the longitudinal trench in advance. Do not pass large vehicles when crossing intersections.

When you see a "repair road" or "uneven road" sign, be sure to slow down and watch for scattered sand and gravel, especially the steps that appear after the asphalt is cut off, which will cause you to crash and pass the step as slowly and vertically as possible.

When crossing railway crossings, be careful: the tracks are slippery and there may be potholes. Be sure to approach the rails at an Angle greater than 45 degrees.

When passing through the industrial area, where there are often falling objects on the road, you should maintain a distance of more than 2 seconds with the front car, and maintain a distance of 4 seconds with large vehicles.

When riding in heavy traffic, glance at the mirror from time to time to see if there is a wild driver behind you, and get away from him as soon as possible.

The only way to deal with a sudden crosswind is to do the opposite - push. The wind is coming from the right. Push with your right hand. Moving your body doesn't do anything.

02. Cycling training

Keep a good attitude

Braking hard on an incline requires special skills, starting the motorcycle upright and then braking hard. Sometimes this happens on the off-ramp from the freeway.

In case of emergency, the rear brake will cause the rear wheel to slide, and if the rear brake is released, the rear wheel will regain its grip, resulting in a high throw. Do not release the brake when the rear wheel slides, the body will stabilize itself after the side slide.

Riding training on gravel roads. Support your feet on the pedal, slightly lower the upper body, which can reduce the center of gravity, easier to maintain balance, stabilize the throttle, choose a more dense road through. Landing on both feet only increases the likelihood of backing up. Train riding on gravel roads in your spare time.

When driving on dirt roads with potholes, gravel, sand and puddles, do not slow down, but accelerate and stabilize the throttle; Do not go through ruts, but choose a hard road (such as compacting soil) between two ruts. Keep your legs off the ground, but support them on the pedal and slightly raise the upper body, which will help you maintain balance and lower your center of gravity. Riding a motorcycle to travel, sooner or later encounter such dirt roads, driving on dirt roads requires special skills. In order to master such skills, it is best to find a dirt bike to practice on rural dirt roads.

Prevent excessive speed

Ordinary city and country roads are not your race track, and to maintain a reasonable speed, the braking distance cannot exceed your visual distance. Pay particular attention to pedestrians, tractors and farm vehicles when passing through villages and farms, who are used to empty roads.

Bad turning technique to mountain road bending, there will be big trouble, you may cross the center line and appear in the opposite lane. Constantly improve your corner technique: when you go right, stay close to the center line, release the brake before tilting the motorcycle, and look in the direction you are going. Use the push handle method into the corner, after entering the corner to open a little throttle.

In crowded, fast-moving traffic, put your finger on the brake lever, drive close to the left side of the lane, it is important not to look at the brake lights of the car in front of you, but to look at the movement of a few cars in front of it, see their brake lights on, you should also gently pinch the brake lever to remind the car behind.

In areas with wild animals in the countryside, be sure to brake at all times and be prepared for possible gravel or wet leaf litter on the road.

03. Warm reminder

Yard exit

It accounts for 13% of traffic accidents and 17% of fatalities. Slow down and observe beforehand, placing your finger on the brake lever.

Jumping boards

There may be planks of wood covering the ground when the road is being repaired, and they may jump when cars run over them.

Pay attention to safety

The size of the motorcycle is small, the possibility of entering the blind area of the car, especially the large car, is greater, and it is necessary to choose the place where it is easy to be found by other drivers in the traffic flow.

Some drivers hate motorcyclists while others are temperamental. To be able to judge the abnormal behavior of car drivers from the way they drive, and avoid them in time, do not fight with them, stop for a rest, or choose another road to drive.

Riding a motorcycle with people, the weight distribution of the front and rear wheels will change, the braking distance will become longer, and the rear brake can be used.

When riding in heavy traffic, glance at the mirror from time to time to see if there is a wild driver behind you, and get away from him as soon as possible.

Quiet roads can paralyze your concentration, and there are hidden dangers here, so be sure to drive sensibly.

At any time, do not ignore the abnormal behavior of the motorcycle, and be sure to find out the cause of its appearance. For example, when the motorcycle swings at a certain speed, the possible reasons are: bearing wear, old shock absorber springs, tire loss and so on.

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