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How often is it appropriate to maintain a motorcycle?
Release date:2023.06.30

1. Run-in period? How often is maintenance appropriate?

There are some voices on the Internet "now the motorcycle process is very sophisticated, has no concept of running-in period" and some voices "motorcycle to achieve the ideal state, must have a running-in period" in the end who is right who is wrong, we do not argue, in order to better maintain their own car, it is recommended to drive gently in the running-in period!

The run-in period refers to the period when the new car is within 0~1500km. During this period, do not refuel, throttle opening is controlled within 2/3, and the speed is recommended within 80km/h (some large rows of cars are controlled within 100km/h). Do not drive violently during this period, and maintain a certain frequency of driving, such as riding the next day, do not place for a long time, and suddenly drive a long distance one day.

During the running-in period, it is recommended to go to the car shop for maintenance at 400km, 800km and 1500km respectively, including replacing the oil, checking the tire pressure, checking the brake system and the tightness of the screws.

2, how to maintain the chain?

The chain is recommended to be cleaned every 200km, and the motorcycle chain cleaner purchased online is used for cleaning. When cleaning, be sure not to hang a first gear car cleaning! Be sure not to wash in the car! Be sure not to wash in the car! It's so important that it should be repeated for three times. Because there are too many cases, for convenience, hang 1 stop washing chain, and then finger broken.... Terrible to see!

After cleaning, use chain wax or chain oil to apply rust prevention. If it is the chain oil can stand for half an hour, so that it can fully penetrate into the gap, but also in order to control the dry, to prevent the chain oil from splashing onto the body or wheel hub, which is not beautiful.

It is also necessary to tighten the chain regularly to prevent wear and tear on the flywheel, and to prevent loss of power or other safety accidents.

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3, how to maintain the tire?

The tire must first ensure the tire pressure, the specific tire pressure can be checked on the manual indicator, or the tire manufacturer's description. Driving under normal tire pressure can not only ensure the best working condition of the tire, effectively extend the service life of the tire, but also ensure the safety of the knight itself. You can buy your own tire pressure test, or go to the car dealership to take a free test.

When the tire travels through the bad road, be sure to check the tire in time. See if there are small stones in the tire pattern, see if the tire is damaged, if so, be sure to deal with it in time.

4, how to maintain the engine?

Change the oil regularly. The running-in period can ensure that the worn iron filings are discharged in time, and usually can ensure the lubrication of the engine.

Do not drive violently for a long time, such as a long time to the end of the throttle, refueling, slowing down, and idling the throttle for a long time.

After driving through the harsh environment, it is necessary to check the air filter to ensure that the intake is clean and prevent dust from accumulating damage to the engine.

After ten thousand kilometers, you can clean the throttle and clean up carbon deposits.

5. Timely cleaning of the body

It is necessary to regularly clean the appearance of the body, especially after the rain, to prevent the paint from being corroded and maintain the luster.

If there is dust, do not wipe it with a towel directly. It is best to blow it with a fan first. And the towel can be a special towel to wipe the car, or the kind of soft hair.

The most important thing is that the appearance is clean, and the mood is beautiful when you see it, and the impression you give others is good. Regardless of whether the car is expensive or cheap, a clean appearance is a person who loves the car and will be respected by others.

6, how to maintain in winter?

If you ride normally, you can maintain as usual, only need to pay attention to the hot car for about a minute before walking to ensure that the oil fully lubricates the engine.

If you want to seal the car, there are conditions to be deposited in the car shop, there is a special business, the other side will take good care of you. If you don't have enough budget, listen to me.

Keep half the tank full, which will keep your fuel gauge sensor on track. The battery can be removed, but this is not recommended because most people do not have special charging equipment and lack protection. The cheapest and most effective way is to start the car once a week, and then drive around the neighborhood or village at a low speed for about an hour. This will charge the vehicle battery, but also better protect the battery.

7, do not plug too many devices on the battery

Less equipment on the battery, and ensure that the positive electrode is connected to the safety box, controlled by the key, to prevent continuous power consumption after parking, and eventually power loss can not start!

8, the best maintenance is often riding!

In fact, the best maintenance method of motorcycles is to ride often, if you do not ride for a long time, there will be more and more problems.

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