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Haojue new UHR150 exposure, see what are the heavy upgrades?
Release date:2023.07.06

Haojue UHR150 luxury sports pedal UHR150 since its launch, it has been loved and recognized by many riders, and its performance in the market is also more eye-catching. However, Haojue is also feeling the recent changes in the market, and has recently been exposed to upgrade the UHR150.

As can be seen from the leaked instructions, the new UHR has strengthened the safety configuration and added the tire pressure monitoring function.

The second major upgrade is a further upgrade of the suspension system, with a five-speed adjustable two-barrel shock absorber kit for the rear shock, which is factory standard.

In addition, the new UHR150 has three small upgrades, one is the seat cushion, the seat bucket space optimization, the second point is the rear fender lengthening, strengthening the protective effect, and the other part is the headlamp brightness optimization. It is reported that the latter two parts of the old model can also go to the store to upgrade.

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It is revealed that the upgraded UHR150 has been mass-produced in the middle of May. However, Haojue official has not yet been accurately announced, the above is only in the stage of exposure. The 2023 UHR150 was launched in February this year, with the rhythm of Haojue, this upgraded version of the new car should not be listed in the short term.

Competition in the domestic market also seems to have affected Haojue, so that in the middle of the year there is such an upgraded version of the model exposure. The current price of UHR150 starts from 17980 yuan, and whether the new car will increase the operation without raising the price after upgrading and optimizing, and then follow up with you

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