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What modifications are illegal on motorcycles?
Release date:2023.07.06

Moderate modification of motorcycles is pleasant, excessive modification hurts the body, and may be seized by the traffic police. Is it illegal to modify motorcycles? Let's take a look at the relevant regulations:

Article 10 of the Provisions on Motor Vehicle Registration, the registered motor vehicle needs to change the nature of use, body color, body or frame, etc., and the owner of the motor vehicle shall apply to the vehicle management office of the registration place for change registration.

Article 16, paragraph 1 of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China; No unit or individual may assemble a motor vehicle or alter the registered structure, structure or features of a motor vehicle without authorization. Without the permission of the public security traffic management department, unauthorized modification of motor vehicle chassis, engine, suspension, transmission system, direction system, tires and wheels, lights, body color painting and appearance structure, as well as the relevant technical data of the motor vehicle product department under The State Council does not conform to the data of the modification behavior.

According to Article 53 of the Regulations on the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, the height of the motorcycle shall not exceed 1.5 meters from the ground, and the length shall not exceed 0.2 meters of the body. The width of the two-wheeled motorcycle shall not exceed 0.15 meters on either side of the handlebars; The width of a three-wheeled motorcycle shall not exceed the body.

According to the above regulations, it can be said that most of the modifications on the motorcycle are illegal, but many riders in the process of driving, there are many modifications can bring convenience to riders at the same time, it does not affect driving safety, today I will give you to discuss what modifications are illegal? How to avoid illegal inspection and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests?

1, motorcycle bumpers are illegal, the main terms of violation is to change the appearance of the structure of the motor vehicle, so in the motor vehicle registration or transfer, the bumper is definitely not business. However, in the actual process of using the car, the bumper is installed as long as it does not exceed the width of the handlebars and is firmly installed, the traffic police generally will not pursue it.

2, modify the rearview mirror, as long as the original installation position of the rearview mirror is not changed, the modified rearview mirror is not super wide, it is not an illegal modification. Changing the installation position is an illegal modification.

3, modified headlights and spotlights, the original headlights can not be changed, the light source can be brighter, but can not change the color, the installation of spotlights is illegal modification, especially the bright eye flash, it must be illegal modification, so even if you install spotlights, not specific use situations, it is best not to use. The traffic police check that you try to explain that it will be used in the fog, usually not, maybe the traffic police will let you go.

4, motorcycle decals, can not exceed 30% of the body area, over the need to record, motorcycle film can not change the color, change the color to record. The wheels of a motorcycle can be decked, but the color of the wheels cannot be changed.

5, motorcycle mobile phone bracket, strictly speaking, also belongs to illegal modification, but this is more special, motorcycle mobile phone bracket, as long as it does not affect the appearance of the vehicle, install removable bracket, the general traffic police will not interfere.

6, motorcycle tires are not allowed to change the model, so the tire width is illegal modification, motorcycle teeth can not change the transmission ratio, but the traffic police generally will not carefully check.

7, the motorcycle exhaust is determined not to be modified, modified to catch is to seize the car, a fine of 500 yuan, deduct a point. And forced to restore the original factory exhaust.

8, the motorcycle engine can be changed spark plug, but can not change the displacement, scooter engine can not change the transmission box in the device. Those who change the pearl at every turn are certainly illegal, but the traffic police usually can't tell. Unless you're doing a stunt on the road, then you're out of luck.

9, motorcycle shock absorption is definitely illegal, however, as long as the modification has no impact on vehicle safety, but also increased the comfort of the vehicle, the traffic police generally can not see, will not tube.

10, motorcycle installed windshield, canopy is definitely illegal.

Motorcycle three boxes is controversial, according to the road traffic law article 53, motorcycle three boxes as long as the height from the ground does not exceed 1.5 meters, the rear box does not exceed 20 cm of the body, both sides of the box does not exceed 15 cm of the body, it is not illegal, but the traffic police to change the body shape structure for punishment, at this time your three boxes must be quickly dismantled, you can appeal. Therefore, the motorcycle installed three boxes of traffic police generally will not manage, if you install three boxes of the record, it is legal, therefore, now many motorcycle brands are out of the three-box version of the motorcycle catalog announcement, such models basically will not encounter any trouble.

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