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Electric spray motorcycle use and maintenance common sense
Release date:2023.07.06

Since the country implemented the national four standard for motorcycles, the motorcycles on the market have been the era of electric spray motorcycles, which are highly intelligent, fuel efficient, environmental protection, easy to start, and low maintenance rate are loved by the people. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to understand and master the general knowledge of the use and maintenance of EFI motorcycles.

1. Routine use

In the normal use of the motorcycle, it is recommended that after opening the key, it is necessary to wait for the gasoline pump in the tank to run, in order to normally ignite and start the engine, the purpose is to fully establish the fuel pressure for the fuel system of the EFI motorcycle.

Second, system self-test

System self-test: refers to the self-diagnosis and correction process of the motorcycle EFI system. The self-test process is automatically executed by the system and automatically solves the problems found. For the problems that cannot be solved automatically, the fault information is displayed on the instrument panel in the form of fault indicator light, indicating the current status and fault information of the EFI system and the engine, which needs to be solved manually or through diagnostic equipment.

When starting, after opening the ignition switch, the fault indicator light is "steady on". When the fault indicator light is extinguished during the engine starting operation, the system is normal.

Three, replace the fuel filter

The following situations need to replace the fuel filter: the fuel filter has been used for more than two years, and the driving distance is more than 20,000 kilometers.

Four, air intake system air filter maintenance

The air intake system of the EFI motorcycle is mainly composed of air flow or pressure sensors and air intake temperature sensors, which are precision sensor components. Working in a clean environment, there is generally no failure. Therefore, routine maintenance is mainly for air filters.

1. The cleaning of the intake system should be regularly maintained, the dust and dirt in the air filter should be removed, the intake pipe joint should be checked for aging and breakage, and the installation should be firm to avoid air leakage.

2, check whether the air filter is blocked, damaged, and use compressed air to blow from inside out, regular maintenance or replacement of the air filter core.

3, the maintenance of the sensor plug-in should be connected in place, if damaged should be replaced with a new part.

4. When cleaning motorcycles, pay attention to the protection of precision electronic components to prevent water from washing wet. In particular, attention should be paid to moisture, so as to avoid moisture corrosion of electronic control components, resulting in signal data loss.


Five, the replacement of lubricating oil

To replace the engine oil to reach the oil change cycle, it should be carried out in the heat engine state that has just stopped, so that the oil in the machine is fully released, and the lubricating oil is changed once every two times. According to the technical requirements of the car, add the corresponding viscosity level of lubricating oil. However, it is necessary to choose a regular brand of lubricating oil. Otherwise, the engine will be damaged, and the machine will overheat and cause early wear.

The amount of lubricating oil added should be added according to the designated oil amount on the engine, or the lubricating oil added to the scale on the observation hole through the observation hole. Replace the filter need to add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil, running engine stop and then make up the appropriate amount of lubricating oil, to determine within a reasonable range!

Six, clean the throttle body assembly

Cleaning throttle body steps:

1. Clean the inner wall of the throttle valve, the throttle plate and the bypass channel with throttle body cleaning agent or gasoline;

2, turn the throttle body throttle pull plate to ensure that the throttle pull plate return smoothly, no stuck or bad return phenomenon;

3, after the cleaning agent volatilizes completely, reinstall the throttle body assembly.

Seven, EFI system maintenance and repair instructions

Maintenance instructions:

1. During testing, please use a digital multimeter to test the EFI system.

2, maintenance and replacement parts, please use genuine parts to ensure the normal work of the EFI system.

3, non-professionals, during the maintenance process, it is prohibited to decompose and disassemble the parts of the EFI system to avoid new faults after maintenance.

4, maintenance of electrical control units, sensors, disassembly or installation need to be careful to avoid damage and collision.

5, do not arbitrarily remove the parts of the EFI system from the installation position, to avoid accidental damage or water stains, oil and other foreign bodies into the connector, and affect the normal work of the EFI system.

6, maintenance needs to disconnect the sensor connection plug-in, be sure to put the ignition switch in the OFF position, the power relay in the off state, so as not to damage the electrical components or leave a fault code.

7, the fuel supply pressure of the EFI fuel system is very high, even if the engine is not running, the fuel pressure in the oil transmission road is still high. Therefore, in the maintenance process, the fuel system needs to be relieved.

8, fuel pump assembly, not allowed to work in dry state, otherwise it will reduce its service life. In addition, the positive and negative poles of the fuel pump must not be reversed.

9, the idle speed of the EFI system is realized by the EFI control system, and no manual adjustment is required. Throttle limit screw of throttle body has been adjusted by the manufacturer when leaving the factory, and its initial position is not allowed to be adjusted at will.

10, motorcycle EFI system using negative grounding connected to the car body, replace or connect the battery, the positive and negative terminals must not be connected wrong, so as not to damage the electronic components, causing other failures.

11, install the relevant electronic components, away from the electronic control ECU components, to avoid unnecessary interference.

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