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Wuji CU525, the domestic "old master" sports cruise
Release date:2023.07.13

Wuji is not choosy in car models, sports cars, street cars, retro, adventure have, this year also launched a cruise car. For a cruise car, the appearance of the design is a very important part, so let's start with its shape.

Appearance design

The shape of CU525 seems to be somewhat different from the cruise vintage cars we have known in the past, and it has many cruise car elements, such as a relatively large front Angle, front wheel flat ratio close to 90, and rear wheels close to 80; With its upturned handlebars, large fuel tank, conspicuous exhaust styling and low, wide seats, and belt drive, this is a car we prefer to put down to sport cruising.

Let's talk about the details, first look at this headlight, at first glance looks a little Harley Sportster shadow, but the details are different, the concave shape in the middle combined with the internal three lens lamp group, so that the headlight is more concrete, you feel that the mouth, nose and two eyes have. With the two U-shaped turn signals on top, you've got ears. So the front of the car gives people a feeling of both some fierce and some cute, in a word to describe it is fierce.

The area above the headlights is relatively simple, which is an upward transition of the arc, and the advantage of this is that the rider's perspective is more impactful. The handlebars are designed to take care of the rider's sitting position and are elevated and extended backwards.

When we look back and forth, the fuel tank is designed with two cheek-like covers at the front visual junction, giving the whole car a bit more momentum, similar styling in Yamaha, Ducati and even Honda CB650R. The difference is that this group of CU525 covering pieces is purely visual, although it is made of stamping air shape, but there is no corresponding function, mainly in order to visually more imposing.

The only drawback is that it extends outwards on both sides, in fact, it Narrows slightly underneath, and the whole contrast will be more stark, but because the bumper and water tank of this car are a little wide, so this contrast is not so obvious.

When looking at this covering piece from the side or front, its overall visual feeling is still relatively good, with texture and momentum. But from the rider's first perspective, the assembly pieces mounted on the sides of the fuel tank look a little odd. In addition, in order for this set of covering parts to not resonate, the official did not fit it with the fuel tank, but left some small gaps, which could be improved. Of course, the CU525 is a vintage cruise car, and these things can be reconfigured according to their own ideas.

Another highlight of the CU525 is that when the vehicle starts, you will find that the "CU525 light group" on both sides of the cylinder head will light up. And we found that Wuji's designers seem to prefer the oval element, the body has a similar design in many places. For such a decoration, we can say that it has a sense of science and technology, but for a calm cruise car, this shape needs a process of adaptation.

CU525 frame is actually similar to the Honda CM500, mainly because the form of the engine is similar, but there are still some improvements, we can see that the bottom is similar to the double cradle frame shape, the engine still carries weight on the top, but the bottom adds two groups of connecting parts, so the design should be to consider the needs of the foot and hanging rod. You can make the sitting position more like a traditional cruise car, rather than the street car type sitting position of the CM500/300.

Narrow front and wide back, front and back separation of the seat design is relatively wide, in line with the temperament of the cruise car. The cover keys on both sides of the seat feel fine when viewed from the side or other angles, but when we look at it from the rider's perspective, we feel that the two sides suddenly bulge out.

This set of covering parts should be considered to cover the bottom frame and the shock absorber on both sides. The whole shape has a feeling of echoing the cover keys on both sides of the front fuel tank, but this design will make people feel that the lines of the vehicle are not so smooth.

The more visually bright place of the vehicle is the exhaust design, and the double tail row has also made a separate color treatment with a stronger metal texture, and this part is also more delicate.

The advantage of building a cruise car with an in-line two-cylinder engine is that the CU525's wheelbase isn't as long, and the area under the seat is a little more space because it lacks a cylinder head. Of course, this is a problem that needs comprehensive consideration, after all, it also depends on whether the engine area is full enough. In addition, because of the optimized foot design of the CU525, the line of the engine head is not so smooth and simple.

Power, configuration

Let's briefly talk about the configuration of the CU525, which is equipped with the 494cc two-cylinder water-cooled engine that we are familiar with, the compression ratio of 11.5:1, which can break out 39.6kW power at 8,500 RPM and 50.5N·m torque at 7,000 RPM. Using the doctor electronic spray system.

The front and rear brakes are both western mutual calipers, the front is the opposite four-piston radial caliper with a single disc, the rear is the unidirectional single-piston caliper with a single chassis, and the front and rear have ABS. In addition, it is equipped with tractive control TCS and sliding clutch that can be closed; The front uses a 41mm inverted shock absorber, and the back uses a retro two-gun shock absorber with adjustable preload.

Front and rear wheel hub size is 16 inches, this is still more unique, mainly because the flat ratio of the front and rear tires is larger, the front wheel width is 130, the flat ratio is 90; Rear wheel width 150, flat ratio 80. Wheelbase 1480mm, fuel tank volume 15 liters, repair mass 178kg, ground clearance 160mm, seat height 710mm.

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