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Cruise car leather belt and chain version which good?
Release date:2023.07.13

When choosing a cruise car, it is inevitable to tangle with its transmission mode, as we all know, most cruise models have two configurations of belt and chain version, where is the difference between the two configurations? Now let's talk about it.

Chain drive

This is a more common form of motorcycle transmission.

It is mainly composed of the driving wheel, driven wheel, chain, this transmission mode is characterized by a relatively simple structure, relatively low cost, and relatively high reliability.

But it also has a more significant disadvantage, the need for frequent lubrication and tightness adjustment, if it does not carry out regular maintenance and maintenance, it will be easy to abnormal sound, off chain, excessive wear and other undesirable phenomena.


Belt drive

This type of transmission is not common in the previous few years, the common is the Harley car assembly, only some high-end models will use the form of belt drive. The main reason is that its cost will be relatively high, which will virtually increase the manufacturing cost of the vehicle.

The advantages of belt drive are many, such as stable transmission, low noise, maintenance-free, long life, small movement inertia, and almost no maintenance in the later period, but the disadvantages are also obvious, the belt is afraid of stones and dust, and higher requirements for the road surface.

With this difference in composition and structure, there is a difference in their transmission effect. But the transmission effect here is more of a problem of smoothness, it does not have much to do with power performance, so whether the current vehicle uses chain drive or belt drive, the actual power performance is no difference, the only difference is that there will be differences in the feeling during our riding.

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