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Motorcycle maintenance of several misunderstandings, you have done?
Release date:2023.07.13

The locomotive needs maintenance, just like we need to eat and rest, but only the correct maintenance method will not damage the motorcycle friends' car. The author summed up a few of the knights are prone to make mistakes in the maintenance of misunderstandings, hoping to help readers.

One, into the car wash shop wash the car

Car wash shop to wash the motorcycle is very easy to have problems, motorcycles are different from cars, many places can not use high-pressure water gun direct injection. Although modern locomotives are designed to be waterproof, electronic precision components are still very susceptible to moisture. Conditional must go to the professional motorcycle shop, if there is no, the owner must guide the scene!

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Two, changing the oil too often

Many dealers will tell them when they just bought a new car that the first three maintenance needs to be changed 500 kilometers, or even 300 kilometers. In fact, there is no need, we just follow the mileage maintenance on the appearance manual. Now most models of the specified first protection mileage of 1,000 kilometers!

Why would the dealer let us service it in advance? Nothing more than the interests of the problem, want to sell a few bottles of oil, earn fees. We should also be present to supervise when maintaining, to avoid secretly using low-grade or inferior oil after sale. Even some black-hearted businesses do not change at all, because the maintenance personnel know that the standard maintenance mileage is one thousand kilometers, and it does not affect the original.

Third, misunderstanding about the run-in period

Until now, some motorcycle friends believe that the speed of the new car can not exceed how much during running-in, and the speed can not exceed how much. In fact, this is completely unnecessary, because the standards of different cars are different, but any talk of such a fixed standard is 100 percent wrong. Can the speed and speed of 150cc locomotive and 1000cc locomotive be unified in the running-in period? Is it difficult to run in a large displacement locomotive can only hang a first gear driving?

In fact, in the running-in period, we just need to drive without violence, suddenly increase speed, pull up the turn. Now the technology is very mature, the engine has been pulled before the installation of the car, the motorcycle has been tested before the production line. We just need to follow the instructions.

Fourth, the filter replacement and cleaning

Many motorcycle friends will feel that they often ride in good road conditions, and the air filter can be cleaned without cleaning; The gasoline used by oneself is good, and the oil filter does not need to be arranged; The oil replaced is relatively clear, and the oil filter is too lazy to use the new one. Even many of the maintenance staff have this attitude! In fact, this is quite incorrect.

The car wants to maintain a good running condition, riding after a few years without problems, these should be checked, the replacement of absolutely can not be lazy. If a motorcycle wants to ride not bad, in addition to the manufacturer's quality control, it also has a great relationship with the owner's own maintenance habits.

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