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Don't believe in the new, motorcycle maintenance according to the formula is correct, look at the car "Tuk Tuk"
Release date:2023.07.13

Many owners will think that a new accessory is not wrong, especially in the face of stubborn owners, often misleading repairmen detour, often around the circle to find that the initial judgment may be right, although because it is new to bypass it.

Just took over a imitation GY6 scooter, the owner said can not add the accelerator, slowly run no problem to increase the accelerator suddenly. Did the owner say he ran out of oil? The car is burning oil!

We listen to this is not the money, no matter what the problem first make the oil money again, change the oil to start the vehicle test, indeed, as the owner said, step up the throttle, the speed is off very quickly, but do not turn off, has been Tutu.

Starting to wonder if the air filter is blocked? Open the air filter is some dirty, and then change the air filter, the reset is still like that, it is suspected that the carburetor problem.

Open the seat barrel found that the carburetor is new, have not been waiting to remove the carburetor, the owner said it could not be the carburetor problem! My carburetor's been replaced for two weeks and it's already broken? Said you shouldn't waste your time here. I'm waiting for the car.

After listening to the owner of the car, a little contemplation, or feel that it should be the carburetor problem, so I asked the owner, let alone the new carburetor, is the new car can not guarantee that there is no problem? In my experience with repairs, nine times out of ten the problem is with your new carburetor.

That said, the owner of a think is also right, and see I insist on doubting the carburetor, had to say you dismantle it! Then mumbled something. I was too busy to talk to him.

The problem of opening the carburetor bottom shell was found that the main mouth was blocked by something similar to cotton, and the carburetor was dirty! I showed it to the owner and said to him, see, the reason is here, are blocked, can't get out of the oil, how can the car work normally, you say this problem has nothing to do with the new and old. The owner took a look, and suddenly there was no sound.

The cause of this problem is either the oil or the tank is too dirty. Since it was opened, I carefully cleaned the measuring holes of the carburetor, installed the test throttle to the end, and the engine speed was ow! That was a perfect end.

This kind of failure actually moves hands, feels super simple, is to open and dredge the matter, it does not take much time, but it is very important to judge the fault. In the maintenance of the fault judgment, to insist on their own independent thinking, do not be misled by the language of the owner, or take a detour and waste time, but no one to pay for your time.

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