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The price is 39999! QJMOTOR Race 600 Bright Sword Edition new attack, configuration full!
Release date:2023.07.20

On July 13, QJMOTOR officially released a new four-cylinder model - Sai600 Bright Sword version, priced at 39,999 yuan. While basically maintaining the experience of the original Sai600, three new color schemes have been introduced. Still has a full configuration and sincere selling price.

As one of the few domestic four-cylinder imitation race models, the Race 600 has been hot since the beginning of the market, and the sales of a single model has already exceeded 50,000. Then, through a number of changes and upgrades without price increases, product competitiveness continues to improve.

With the addition of more host manufacturers, the label of the Race 600, once the only four-cylinder imitation race in China, has gradually faded. But QJMOTOR industry "volume king" attitude is still as always. This competition 600 bright sword version with a price of 39999 yuan and the standard version of the same configuration, it is another "bright sword".


The appearance level has always been one of the highlights of the 600 series, the bright sword version inherited the family design language of the 600, sharp front face, with both sides of the fixed wind wings, the front looks very fierce. Upgrade points such as the larger flanking perimeter and unilateral exhaust have been retained. In addition to taffeta white, jewel black, Mazda red, three new color scheme, the overall vision is more young and more sporty.

The Sai600 Bright Sword version is also equipped with an in-line four-cylinder 600mL engine with a maximum power of 65kW (11500r/min) and a peak torque of 56N·m (10500r/min), which is consistent with the SAI600 in terms of power parameters and adjustment. This engine has experienced several years of market validation, but also has a broad sales base and user reputation.

In terms of configuration, the 600 bright blade version is still standard with front and rear dual-channel ABS, and the other side prop out, the whole car LED light source, Marzocchi front and rear shock absorption, 790mm seat height, 213kg maintenance quality and other configurations are consistent with the standard version, and the vehicle is not simple in the core experience of riding. At the same time, the bright sword version is also equipped with a TFT dashboard, supporting mobile phone projection screen and other functions.

More changes in the 600 Bright Sword version are to reduce the complicated technical configuration. The keyless start has been changed to a mechanical lock, and the corner ABS system added to the 2023 Race 600 has been removed. However, the price is in place in one step, from 50999 to 39999 yuan, making the 600 bright sword version more pure and practical, but also lower the threshold.

Overall, the Sai600 bright sword version, with a more advanced color design, stable four-cylinder power performance, maintain the same driving experience as the original, and more sincere price, well deserved the name of the bright sword.

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