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What is the best insurance policy for motorcycles?
Release date:2023.07.20

Motorcycle insurance, insurance and auto insurance is not much difference, just the premium difference, but unfortunately, many insurance companies do not provide commercial insurance for motorcycles, only provide traffic insurance, insurance companies around the policy is also different, Jinan, for example, only a few insurance companies provide commercial insurance on motorcycles.

What kind of insurance should I buy for my motorcycle? (Full insurance is best if conditions permit, of course.) In addition to compulsory traffic insurance, the importance of some insurance is also obvious, such as third party liability insurance, this insurance refers to the qualified driver allowed by the insured, in the process of using the insured vehicle accident, causing the third party to suffer personal injury or direct loss of property, according to law should be paid by the insured amount of compensation. The insurer will pay compensation in accordance with the relevant provisions of the insurance contract. I feel this is the best policy to buy.

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Some cities have separate local restrictions on motorcycle management, such as only allowing non-motorized lanes. If motorcycles and bicycles or electric vehicles drive in the same lane, forming a mixed situation, coupled with some non-motor vehicles do not abide by traffic rules, change lanes at will and other dangerous factors, motorcycles are easy to have traffic accidents with them in reality. And the probability of judging the motorcycle owner's responsibility or even full responsibility is very large, then compensation is a problem, only the traffic force insurance is difficult to solve, so the third liability insurance is best to buy.

For that kind of tall "luxury" car, it is best to buy car damage insurance. Expensive motorcycles, especially imported big trade models, maintenance is more expensive than the average car, some accessories are sent from overseas, motorcycle a common crooked car situation, maintenance costs may not be low, if it is a collision accident let alone say, change a set of appearance kit may be tens of thousands. Buy car damage insurance, is the most cost-effective choice!

Another is robbery. The better the motorcycle, the easier it is to catch the eye, and the probability of theft is correspondingly greater, at least compared with cars, the probability of motorcycle theft is greater, so the importance of theft is self-evident. However, it is the above factors, motorcycle commercial insurance many insurance companies do not accept.

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