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Yamaha Chuangcore, Suzuki Supercore, Honda NSC, Haojue ESS pedal engine comparison
Release date:2023.07.20

Some users asked me to Yamaha Chuang Core, Suzuki Super core, Honda NSC, Haozu ESS pedal engine to make a comparison, in fact, the comparison is really simple, these four engines are using some anti-wear and anti-shake technology, if the two-stroke engine as a generation machine, GY6 and other engines as a second-generation machine, Yamaha Chuang core, Suzuki Super core, and so on. The Honda NSC engine should belong to the third generation, and the Haojue ESS engine should be the second and half generation engine. Because the first three engines are their own original research and development, and the route is basically the same and each has its own strengths. Haojue ESS engine has made 12 improvements on the basis of the second generation, it should be said that it has only reached half the strength of the third generation, and half will gradually show a gap in the long-term use process.

I used a class with four straight A's to compare, probably more apt. Yamaha Chuangcore, Suzuki Super Core, Honda NSC, is the class total score is the same, ranked top students, careful examination of their results will find that Yamaha Chuangcore, Suzuki Super core will have a particular top, and Honda is more balanced, Haojue ESS is the kind of poor understanding but very hard students.

Yamaha nuclear engine uses silicon aluminum alloy cylinder, high compression ratio, equivalent to top language scores, but Yamaha in quality control, is more pull down, the small chain tensifier is prone to wear, camshaft bearings are always faulty, which is a little failed physics, but the two do not affect the total score.

Suzuki super core's M-shaped extrusion combustion technology, intelligent controllable charging technology, etc., belongs to the mathematical performance is better, but in the piston ring carbon resistance is the worst, therefore, there is a certain number of engine hidden burning oil phenomenon, which is to pull down the total score a little.

Honda NSC engine belongs to the various subjects are more excellent, but there is no top project, the total score is also quite high, and can be said to be the most stable performance of Honda, in the third generation of machine investment, Honda was the earliest, as early as 2015, mounted Honda NSC engine split into the Chinese market, and Suzuki and Yamaha slightly later.

The ESS engine is based on the second-generation machine GY6, using 12 patented technologies such as needle cylinder liner, intelligent controllable charging technology, crankshaft anti-shake, etc. However, restricted by the limitations of the second-generation machine, the other three have crankshaft eccentric shift technology, the whole machine and the operation kit lightweight technology, the ESS engine is not enough in this regard. Therefore, it will lead to the highest comprehensive fuel consumption of this engine, and it will be more obvious after use for a period of time.

As for the four engines mounted on the motorcycle, each has its own advantages, Yamaha design radical, young trend is obvious, acceleration is the best, but the jitter is also more obvious, and the worst quality control, Suzuki quality control is slightly better than Yamaha, but the model design is old, UY is the most beautiful design in the Suzuki car series, because the Suzuki model is relatively single, plus riding Suzuki's last stand, As for death and life, hard to Suzuki's scooter sales up.

Honda belongs to the noble family, the family conditions are the most superior, therefore, the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical beauty, not only the NSC engine indicators are balanced, but also with Honda's unique PGM-FI EFI, so that the entire vehicle failure rate is quite low, Honda belongs to the family has a unique skill, but will not take out of the gate, he will only according to the corresponding stage of market development, Take out the appropriate technology, save the money slowly.

Haojou AFR mounted ESS engine, although there are shortcomings, but I said, Haojou belongs to the students who are slow to fly, he through efforts, with strong quality control, high-quality dealer system to make up for their own defects, this move let Haojou total score increased a lot.

Therefore, these four brands of 125 scooters are currently occupying the mainstream models of the domestic market, and they will not be fooled!

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