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146 pieces, new water bird parameters exposure! Equipped with automatic suspension, variable seat height
Release date:2023.07.20

With BMW confirming that it will release a new generation of waterbird on September 28, the R 1300GS, the leader of the adventure world has gradually revealed more information recently, and the new undisguised real car has been exposed, and the new waterbird has changed from the inside out.

First of all, let's look at the appearance part, according to BMW's model certification in Australia, the new waterbird headlights are similar to the new S1000RR, and the peuget-sized eyes should be replaced by a symmetrical new light set, while the typical beak is retained.

As a five-year replacement model, the core engine part of the new waterbird is the focus of this revision, the actual displacement of the new engine is reported to be just increased to 1300cc, and changed to semi-dry oil pan, while there is a new cooling system.

Peak power increased to 107kW(145.5PS)@7750rpm, peak torque increased to 149N·m@6500rpm; Power and torque are a little higher than the current waterbird, torque output has been adjusted, and peak RPM has been moved back.

Cash parameter

With the arrival of the new engine, the new Waterbird also has a new frame, and it is reported that the wheelbase is only 4mm longer than the R 1250GS (increased from 1,514mm to 1,518mm); Tyre specifications remain unchanged as front 120/70-19 and rear 170/60-17. Although the body looks slim in the makeup photo, its maintenance quality is maintained at about 250kg.

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There are also improvements in the new Waterbird's electrical and assistance systems, which are known to include a front and rear radar system with range control and blind spot warning, a new generation of electronically controlled dynamic ESA suspension (automatic spring preload, adjustable seat height), adaptive cruise control, an electrically adjustable windshield, hand guards with integrated turn signals, and more.

The new R 1300GS exposed at this stage has a highway leisure version of cast aluminum wheels and a hard ADV version of spoke wheels; The new waterbird has undergone tremendous changes in appearance, engine, frame and detailed design, and the actual upgrade will be officially released in September.

At present, the domestic price of waterbird is 219,900 yuan, according to BMW's previous operation, the new R 1300GS series is expected to increase in price

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