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Motorcycle ten maintenance errors
Release date:2023.07.27

The best maintenance of motorcycles is to ride often, of course, there are ten maintenance errors of owners who often ride motorcycles. Today, Xiaobian will give you a chat!

Mistake 1: Too much faith in synthetic oil

Think that the full synthesis is good, what car can be used, often see people 125 also use the full synthesis, in fact, this is not right, the oil is not necessarily the full synthesis of good, and sometimes the full synthetic oil will make your car malfunction, for example, the top rod machine, you can not use the full synthesis, because the viscosity of the full synthesis is very low, the heat dissipation performance is not good, Most of the top rod engines are air-cooled, the viscosity of the oil is higher, large displacement cars do not necessarily use full synthetic oil, such as the Harley top rod V2 is strictly prohibited to use full synthesis, BMW horizontal engine is also most strictly prohibited to use full synthesis, these cars if long-term use of full synthesis will be easy to pull cylinder, valve clearance increases and other problems.

Mistake 2: The idle speed is adjusted too low

In the process of contact with a lot of riders, it is found that there are a lot of people who like to adjust the idle speed very low, and some are adjusted to 800 RPM, which actually hurts the car, in the case of low idle speed, the crankshaft is very bad, the small chain is easy to stretch, why this is so, it is because the inertia of the crankshaft is insufficient, so the idle speed is very low and the vibration amplitude of the car is large. The impact on the components will increase.

Mistake three: the choice of gasoline label

Everyone may know that the higher the compression ratio, the higher the gasoline label it needs, but some people mistakenly think that the higher the better, at least the high standard good gasoline prices are more expensive. So some 125 displacement with 95#, and some even 98#, thinking that the higher the better, in fact, this is not right, the gasoline label, represents the anti-knock of gasoline, that is, the higher the gasoline label, the slower he burns, he can also withstand a higher compression ratio, if a 92# gasoline car, you add 98# for a long time, This will lead to gasoline combustion is not clean, the engine is weak, the valve carbon accumulation is serious, and even black smoke or gas leakage, of course, if the car with 95# gasoline is required to use 92# gasoline for a long time, then the engine will knock, may produce valve break, start rebound and other phenomena.

Mistake four: the adjustment mistake of the valve clearance

When it comes to the valve gap, it has to be said that the valve gap can affect what, some people adjust the valve gap blindly want to sound quiet, this is wrong. Some people also think that the valve gap is a little sound, nothing serious, this is also not good. First of all, the valve clearance affects the air exchange of the entire engine, affecting the afterburning period of the engine, (the afterburning period is the gasoline burning time after ignition), so what will be the effect of the valve adjustment? The answer is that the sound will be quiet, but the afterburn period will be shorter, the fuel consumption will increase, the cylinder temperature will increase, and the engine will be particularly prone to high temperature and idling instability. If the valve clearance is too large, it will make the afterburning period longer, the power of the engine will decrease, the sound will become louder, and the high-speed valve is easy to fall off.

Misunderstanding five: Wrong understanding of gear position

Some people like to use engine traction braking, which is correct within a reasonable range, but it is not correct in an unreasonable gear. If the engine traction braking is used downhill, do not use too low gear, too low gear to do traction braking is harmful to the car, especially the chain and buffer body, then how to correct traction braking? That is, you use a few gears up the slope with a few gears down, with a point brake motorcycle upward, this is the normal traction braking method.

Mistake six: clutch mistake

When it comes to the clutch, you have to say the gear, the life of the clutch and the use of the gear is directly related, for example, some people love to use the second gear to start, which is very harmful to the clutch, a long time will cause the clutch to slip, or burn, especially the bending beam car, many people are hanging to a few gears on a few starts, so that the clutch is especially hurt. There is a pinch half clutch start, which is very bad, hope that the shot rider correct the mistake.

Misunderstanding seven: The understanding of tires is not enough

Many riders have little understanding of tire pressure, and many friends like to modify especially wide tires, which is not good. First of all, few people pay attention to tire pressure every day, which affects the braking distance, the shock absorption of the vehicle, as well as the stability of high speed and the flexibility of turning. If your front fetal air pressure is insufficient, then it will cause the faucet to sink, the turning is difficult, and the serious front wheel hub will crack, many owners are because they are lazy and do not check the tire pressure, causing the front wheel to break. In addition, the pressure of the tire is too high, too high pressure is easy to blow the tire, everyone should know that too high pressure is also easy to cause the sensitivity of the car is too high, the braking distance is shorter, the high-speed flapping, the turning is easy to slip and other phenomena.

Mistake eight: The mistake of braking

No matter what people, what car, many people like to use only the rear brake or the front brake, this is not good, it is recommended that no matter at any time to develop a good habit of braking together, this is not only double the safety factor, but also good for the brake, if you love to use the rear brake, then the rear brake aging is particularly fast, In addition, the braking force of the whole car is on one brake, and it is on one wheel, so over time, the wear of the tire will change.

Misunderstanding nine: The maintenance of the air filter, many riders do not know enough about the importance of the air filter, air filter please use the original specified, do not buy the ordinary parts of the filter, because the factory and the inferior filter there is a big difference, it can even directly destroy your engine. In addition, the oil filter element is strictly prohibited to clean up, a filter element is 30 or 40 yuan, every 7000-12000 kilometers on the line.

Misunderstanding 10: Maintenance of shock absorption

Many riders do not know that shock absorption should be maintained, of course, most people who love cars should know that shock absorption oil and shock absorption oil seal should be replaced regularly, the kind that says shock absorption has never been changed for more than ten years, actually is a layman, because it is not bad for more than ten years, it may be that you do not ride much, it may also be that there is no oil in the shock absorber, which seriously affects the comfort of shock absorption. There are many maintenance workers do not repair or maintain the shock absorber according to the regular operation, so that many riders mistakenly think that the shock absorber is not good, in fact, any shock absorber, especially the deceleration of the road car, with 100,000 kilometers, the oil inside is not as good as mud, so the shock absorber oil is also to be replaced regularly.

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