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What are the big no-nos for novice motorcycle riders?
Release date:2023.07.27

A big no-no for novice motorcycle riders is to start with your legs closed.

For beginners, don't rush to put your foot on the pedal when the car moves. In this case, the vehicle is not stable, at this time, put your feet up, and your center of gravity will shake with the car, resulting in a fall. At first, you can drag your feet on the ground until the vehicle has a stable speed, and then put your feet on the pedal.

1Whatever it is, it's best to put 97 on it

The higher the gasoline label, the higher the octane number, the higher the knock resistance, and the more "burn resistance" in theory, however, for most single-cylinder motorcycles with engine compression ratio less than 10, there is no need to use 95/97/98 gasoline, do not superstition "plus 97 is good for the car", if the motorcycle with low compression ratio uses high-octane gasoline, not only does it burn insufficiently. Instead, it increases carbon accumulation.

Suggestion: Regular motorcycle No. 92 gas is enough.

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2 Change the oil in the car

A long time ago, oil was not divided into cars and motorcycles, but with the development of technology, different specifications of the engine appeared, motorcycles began to develop towards high speed, large displacement trend, the situation is different.

Many people think that car oil and diesel oil can be casually used on motorcycles, and they come up with a bunch of examples to say that this practice is really harmful.

Recommendation: Choose the right motorcycle special oil.

3 Only change the oil does not change the air filter

The filter element seems insignificant, in fact, it is more important than you think, because the reason for accelerating engine wear and carbon accumulation is nothing more than a variety of impurities and dust, its sources are mainly three: dust and particles in the air, impurities and additives in gasoline, metal chips generated by the engine run-in, and the parts that filter these impurities are all kinds of filters.

Recommendation: Replace the filter element regularly to keep the engine more durable.

4 Start and go never hot

Many people never warm the car, walk with the car, turn high on the road, in fact, suddenly increase the burden of the engine, accelerate the wear, although the impact will not appear soon, but over time there will be obvious damage.

The hot car is to allow all parts of the engine to enter a stable state in advance and reduce wear.

Suggestion: Hot bike for two minutes before each ride, idle or slow, not too long.

5 Keen to retrofit lights and exhaust

According to the survey, the causes of spontaneous combustion accidents of vehicles, the accident caused by overheating or short circuit accounted for more than 70%, coupled with the poor quality of most of the modified lamps in China, so the rash change of lights is tantamount to adding a time bomb to your car.

Many people feel that the original factory lights are too dark to meet the needs, so they choose to retrofit xenon headlights or LED headlights, these devices are generally accompanied by a stabilizer and a separate voltage regulator, and the power is not low, causing a great burden on the vehicle circuit system.

Suggestion: Do not change the light if the brightness is enough, but also choose qualified products of big brands if you really want to change, and try not to destroy the original car line.

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