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Domestic V4 real car exposure, look at the price of flash 600
Release date:2023.07.27

Qianjiang four-cylinder models have recently come on the market, in response to market changes launched the bright sword version of the race 600 after the recent disclosure of the V4 cruise new car flash 600 was also officially exposed, from the show of the real car, the new car is expected to be soon listed.

The real car shape of Qianjiang's new flash 600 is basically the same as the CG figure disclosed before, and the overall appearance follows the design of traditional cruise models, although the V-cylinder engine makes the vehicle appear quite full, but this shape is a million points similar to Harley's Sportster ~

The front of the new car is an oval LED light group, the handlebars are full of style side design, and the double exhaust is normal. The current version on display appears to have only a single-seat design, and a two-seat version is expected to be introduced later. As for the flash 600, whether it looks good or not is a matter of opinion.

640 (5).jpg

The power of the new car is reported to be provided by the V4 engine codenamed 4V61MS, the actual displacement of 561cc V-type four-cylinder engine can provide peak power 50kW@10500rpm; Unfortunately, torque data is not disclosed.

Although the traditional cruise model is the main V-type engine, but more V-type twin, V4 engine is relatively much less, small and medium displacement is even less, the official on this engine in the output of low twist will be really curious.

Hardware configuration part of the front double disc brake + radial four-piston caliper brake kit, suspension system for inverted front fork + rear double barrel shock absorber, as for the two sets of components are products, it is still to be further disclosed. However, according to the current competition of cruise models, the flash 600 May have different configuration versions of different levels.

With the official appearance of the flash 600 real car, Qianjiang this middleweight V4 cruise is expected to be listed soon, its V4 engine power data, hardware configuration parameters exactly how, follow up with further news to report

Qianjiang V4 flash 600 in the market's main rival, may be previously listed black flag 500, the latter although there are problems outside the body, but 33800 yuan starting price is still very competitive; And Qian Jiang for market changes launched the sword version of the race 600 in front, this new V4 flash 600 May continue to friend business sword, to give everyone a surprise!
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