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217 RSV4, speed is king, comfort is out of the question
Release date:2023.07.27

Hear the word Factory and you'll know how hardcore it is, with a peak horsepower of 217. What concept, the public upgrade sports car currently sold in China, on a hand of 200 pieces can be counted over.

How does RS V4 Factory sound like it is a competitive model, why do we have to talk about it, mainly because it is in line with the Euro 5 standard and can be licensed, for the car that can be licensed on the road, we have to talk about it in the future.

The RS V4 series is also a very important model in the entire history of motorcycle development, and it is a milestone for Apulia because it is the first four-cylinder model of Apulia. In 2008, Apulia presented this car for the first time at the Milan Motor Show, 999.6cc 60-degree Angle V-type four-cylinder engine, power reached 150kW(200 HP) or more, which was the peak of its debut at that time.

In the following years, it also represented Apulia in the World Superbike Grand Prix, winning numerous titles. The car has been evolving for 15 years, incorporating track technology and increasing its displacement from 1000cc before 2015 to 1100cc now.

Appearance modeling

Like looking at the beauty of the car, we also look at the face, let's talk about the visual part of the RS V4 Factory, personally feel that the front face of this car is very characteristic, borderless headlights can be well integrated in the head of the car, this design first appeared in the RS660 body. The new RS V4 also follows this shape, and even we look from the side and the front, the appearance of the two cars is almost the same, only the details are a little changed.

This front face of the RS V4 Factory is flatter than the side running lights of the older model, and the center headlights are also smaller. This makes the front face more delicate and more impactful, and at the same time more fashionable. The hollow area below the light group belongs to the stamping air intake aspect. While the overall reduction of the light group, this space becomes larger, and this part is better integrated with the new large light group, making the new car front face more three-dimensional.

Looking further down is the most visually striking part of the car - the fixed-wind wing integrated on the cowl. RS V4 Factory is a V-type four-cylinder model, in theory, the lateral width of the vehicle is not much different from the general two-cylinder car, if you put RS 660 here, there is no fixed wings on both sides, the difference between them may not be so big, but after increasing the fixed wings on both sides, RS V4 is much stronger in momentum.

Of course, the RS V4 is not only a visual effect, it plays a very important role in the high-speed stability of the vehicle.

The fuel tank of RS V4 Factory is a typical racing car design, and the shape is more to take into account the rider's needs for vehicle clamping at high speed, for example, the two sides of the concave part of the larger amplitude, taking into account the support problem of the leg in the strong deceleration or side hanging bending. The upper part of the tank has a similar design to provide support or good space for the arms during side hanging bends.

In addition, the front of the fuel tank is extended downward while the two sides are narrowed, whether from the front or the side, it is a good combination with the front of the frame, and this shape does not affect your needs for steering space.

We also found a detail that there is actually a separate space between the tank and the front of the frame. This may be considering two points, one is that the resonance between the fuel tank and the frame is too close, the other is that it will be hot after riding, and the fuel tank still needs to be isolated from the heat as far as possible.

The frame of the RS V4 Factory is a level higher than the RS 660, the overall appearance is stronger and more powerful, and the covering parts on both sides use the grille shape, which is much better than the previous generation in the heat dissipation effect of the turbulence and water tank.

Another interesting place is the back hump, although the design has a back foot, but this back hump is really not for you to sit on. This design is mainly for two reasons, one is that this height and shape can be echoed with the upper part of the fuel tank and the front, so that the visual proportion of the whole car is better to look at from the side. Another is that we guess this more special shape, that is, when you ride at high speed, you lie down can also play a certain spoiling effect, so that the tail of the vehicle is more stable.

Dynamic configuration

RS V4 Factory configuration is as rich as ever, so let's pick the focus, first of all, say this engine, 1099cc V-type four-cylinder engine, compression ratio 13.6:1, peak horsepower 217PS@13200rpm, peak torque of 125N·m@10500rpm.

Due to the use of V-type design, the transverse space proportion is smaller, the Angle design is optimized to 65 degrees, and the longitudinal space is smaller than other V4 engines, and the wheelbase of 1435mm is 1~3cm shorter than that of the same class. Don't underestimate this distance, for a supercar, at high speeds this wheelbase has a big impact on its performance.

This set of frame and rear rocker arm configuration is also very hardcore, because it is from the top competition technology, first of all, the aluminum frame in the weight control is better, after the test of the contest frame rigidity, support can stand the test.

The height of the seat is 851mm, which is higher in the same class of models, the repair mass is 202 kg, and the fuel tank volume is 17.9 liters.

The suspension of this piece uses the former Orlins NIIX 43m inverted shock absorber, travel 125mm, the rear shock absorber is Orlins ETX single gun shock absorber, travel 110mm; Both front and rear damping compression rebound and damping preload are adjustable.

In addition, this set of shock absorbers are equipped with the smart EC management system of Ollins, which sounds relatively tall, simply speaking, this set of shock absorbers can be set through the screen, and interact and match with other modes of the vehicle.

The brake uses Brembo stylema radial four-piston calipers + double floating discs, and the rear brake uses Brembo opposite double-piston calipers + single disc.

Both front and rear tires use Pirelli Super Cross SP semi-hot melt tires, the width of the front wheel is 120, the width of the rear wheel is 200, both are 17 inch wheels.

The next configuration is the focus, RS V4 Factory electronic control is the most abundant in the entire configuration table, ARPC this set of system basically Apulia electronic control this piece can do the technology is integrated.

Engine mapping, engine braking, ejection start, anti-tilt head system, cruise control, etc., even some of the features used in the track it has, and it has 6 riding modes, three daily riding, and three track use.

RS V4 This set of operating system does a good job in terms of human-computer interaction, can let you in a screen inside

Be able to have a good understanding of what kind of effect different Settings will bring.

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