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Kawasaki ZX-4RR, leapfrosting passion, amplifying joy
Release date:2023.08.02

In the domestic motorcycle circle for a long time, the combination of four cylinders 400cc is a popular keyword, as long as your content has four cylinders 400cc, it will arouse everyone's attention and warm discussion. These two words are meant to be both populist and hardcore to some extent.

Such a model for many small white car friends, and even to a fanatical like, viral expectations. After so many years of constant expectation from everyone, Kawasaki is the first brand to bring a four-cylinder 400cc model to everyone, and the price of about 70,000 yuan is beyond everyone's expectations.

The ZX-4RR is not a new model, as early as 1989 Kawasaki released an in-line four-cylinder ZXR400, the peak horsepower of more than 60, the top speed of 225km/h; That's 30 years old, which is pretty hardcore.

This model has been produced for 10 years, and after so many years, Kawasaki has restarted this platform again with a new engine, frame, suspension and electronic control, and the official is obviously hoping that the four-cylinder 400 can be revitalized. Today, let's talk about the new ZX-4RR Kawasaki.

Visual design

The first look at the ZX-4RR, in fact, is not as amazing as imagined, not to say that it is not designed well, mainly the same door brother Ninja 400 has been listed for 5 years, the appearance of the two models is not bad, the visual sense is not new, the configuration is very powerful.

The Ninja ZX-4RR has a lot of refinement in the details, and thanks to the in-line four-cylinder engine, the body is fuller. The family light set has a particularly prominent stamped air intake at the top, and the windshield is also relatively sharper and more upright, which also gives the front of the new car a larger arc.

In addition, the cover keys on both sides of the windshield are concave, and the rear is also hollowed out, which is expected to strengthen the aerodynamic performance; The new car has an inverted front fork, and the tires are wider than the normal model, but the flat ratio has not changed.

Due to the straight four engine, the side of the body looks fuller, the side fairing extends from the headlamp area to the lower part, and the LOGO of the new car is adjusted to the top half, etc. These details make this four-cylinder 400 more imposing and sporty than the Ninja 400.

The engine and frame of the ZX-4RR have been blackened, and the frame has not been covered by the deflecting hood due to the needs of heat dissipation. The exposed frame also highlights the mechanical sense and the sense of power of this performance model.

The fuel tank of the new car fits into the frame and has a downward extending shape. The advantage of this design is that the head will have plenty of room to maneuver while leaning over, and it can further focus.

ZX-4RR Configuration parameters:

Engine: 401cc in-line four-cylinder, water-cooled, four-stroke

Peak power: 58.7kW(80ps)@14000rpm

Peak torque: 39.6N·m@13200rpm

Front brake: Radial four piston radial caliper + double floating disc

Rear brake: one-way single piston caliper + single disc disc

Front shock absorption: 37mmShowa inverted front fork, adjustable preload

Rear shock absorber: multi-link structure Showa single cylinder shock absorber, preload compression rebound can be adjusted

Rim: Standard 17-inch wheels, front and rear

Front wheel: Width is 120, flat ratio 70

Rear wheel: Width is 160, flat ratio 60

Wheelbase: 1380mm

Minimum ground clearance: 135mm

Seat height: 800mm

Tank capacity: 15L

Maintenance weight: 188kg

This power parameter is very impressive in the 400cc class, and the cylinder diameter and stroke of the new engine are basically the same as that of the engine 30 years ago, but the compression ratio of 12.6:1 is higher (previously 12.1:1). In addition, the gear of the new engine is the same as that of the Ninja 400, the official only adjusted the primary and final stage transmission ratio.

ZX-4RR electronic control this relatively rich, equipped with electronic throttle, meaning that there are power modes (four), but also support track lap timing; In addition to traction control, ABS, two-way electronic express.

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