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62800 yuan, Honda CL500 officially listed in China, enjoy limited customized gift package
Release date:2023.08.02

Type progressive, ready to go! Honda CL500 was officially launched in the Chinese market on August 1, and Honda DreamWing was sold simultaneously in 19 brand special stores across the country, and a new model tasting meeting will be held in each store on August 5, so that consumers can immerse themselves in the charm of Honda CL500 urban retro climbing models. The Honda CL500 has an official suggested retail price of $62,800 and is available in bay green and lava black.

Since the introduction of Honda CM series models, it has won the love of the majority of Chinese users and has been selling well until now. In order to further meet the diversified riding needs of users, Honda is based on the same development concept of CM series - "Express Yourself", and "restart" the long-lost CL series models, hoping to inherit the motorcycle spirit of personality freedom, so that more young people can enjoy the riding fun brought by motorcycles.

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The new CL series models not only have the easy handling of the CM series models, but also have good passability and comfort. Whether in the city or the countryside, the Honda CL500 delivers the pure driving interest of a vintage climbing vehicle with a more powerful power output and a more powerful line design.

Pure appearance, release type

Honda CL500 adhering to the Honda CL series "SIMPLE RAW TOUGH" design concept, pure and simple appearance without losing texture, showing the unique style of retro climbing models. Bare type very simple frame, simple and powerful steel pipe structure and arc shape, do not conceal, charm is full. Double pipe design of high upturned exhaust pipe, with a good quality protective cover, unrestrained, climbing style. Exquisite round tank and iconic tank pad, simple and durable, more attention.

Great power, great fun

The Honda CL500 is equipped with a 471cc water-cooled DOHC in-line two-cylinder engine of the same design as the CM500, and its full power performance brings users a fun driving experience. At the same time, the intake system and exhaust system are adjusted through the FI program to make the power more suitable for the development concept, to achieve easy control at low speed and strong power at high speed. The CL500 is also equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission and auxiliary sliding clutch, so that even first-time riders can enjoy the right sense of torque and smooth acceleration.

Comfortable, easy to navigate

From daily riding to weekend trips, the Honda CL500 easily accommodates every riding scenario, achieving a balance between climbing style and comfortable handling. 790mm high seat, flat saddle and high handle design, the riding triangle is more ergonomic, comfort and foot landing. The carefully considered minimum ground clearance of 155mm is combined with the front and rear wheels with larger wheel diameters to achieve better passability. In addition, the CL500 is equipped with intersecting deep groove pattern tires, so that riders can drive from city streets to sandy roads, harvest comfortable and pleasant driving texture.

Multiple styles, self

Honda CL500 can be selected in two colors, respectively, evoking the outdoor imagination of laurel green and chic modern lava black. At the same time, the engine, frame and driving system are designed in black style, highlighting the sense of power and compact. Let the knight stand out in the riding, style full.

It is worth mentioning that the Honda CL500 supports travel style, appearance upgrade and other Honda optional accessories to improve vehicle performance, while meeting customized use scenarios, providing users with a broader sense of fun to create their own style.

With the official release of Honda CL500, the gift of buying a car comes as expected. Until August 31, order the Honda CL500 and enjoy an exclusive custom package that includes an outdoor pour-over coffee set and outdoor camping canopy. Exclusive custom gift package limited, act now! This summer, have FUN with Honda CL500!

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