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Electric spray motorcycle can not be refueled randomly!
Release date:2023.08.02

Compared with carburetor motorcycles, EFI motorcycles burn more fully, more fuel efficient, cleaner emissions, therefore, after the motorcycle country four emissions, the country will require all motorcycles EFI. Some people say that the EFI system is more prone to failure, in fact, the EFI system is now very mature, the so-called prone to failure is mainly for two situations, one is the immature technology of the EFI system, and the other is that the motorcycle owner does not operate and maintain the motorcycle as required.

For example, motorcycle refueling, some motorcycle owners, including some car owners, have wrong perceptions on refueling, they think that gasoline is similar, as long as it can be burned, the cheaper the price, the better, the more discount gas stations, the better, never pay attention to the quality of gas station oil, so as to make themselves suffer losses. Because the fuel supply of the electric injection motorcycle is uploaded by the sensor detection data, and then through computer calculation, control the amount of fuel injection, so the amount of oil sprayed by the electric injection motorcycle is very accurate, if there is a problem with the quality of the oil sprayed, the motorcycle can not work normally, although some can work normally, but because of serious carbon accumulation, the corrosion of the oil on the fuel tank and the oil circuit. And that eventually leads to problems.

Here is a maintenance case where oil products directly lead to motorcycle failure:

A free Today50 EFI motorcycle, because of difficulty in starting, unstable speed after starting, no idle speed, so to the maintenance station to find Master Luo maintenance. According to the owner's reflection, the owner's motorcycle is used more frequently, and the refueling has been to the China Petroleum and Sinopec gas stations, and its cousin has been riding for a week, and such symptoms have occurred.

Master Luo is still relatively familiar with the free Today50 EFI motorcycle, this model of motorcycle is used by Ye Sheng EFI system, because it is the country four emissions before the market, the EFI system is relatively simple, but the failure rate is not high, mainly the fuel nozzle is easy to be blocked by carbon deposition. Therefore, Master Luo first cleaned the fuel injector, and after cleaning the fuel injector, the vehicle fault was not improved. So, Master Luo began to check the idle motor on the throttle valve, take off the idle motor, and block the idle speed adjustment hole by hand, the engine has idle, but it is still difficult to start. Note Replacing the idle motor can only solve the idle speed problem, but it still does not solve the problem of starting difficulty.

So Master Luo began to check whether the valve is leaking, open the cylinder head, found that the exhaust valve has a slight leakage phenomenon, after grinding the valve, reinstall the installation, starting the difficulty is still not solved. Now Master Luo began to suspect the problem of gasoline. At the beginning, the owner asked the owner to refuel habits, the owner said that he insisted on adding oil and Sinopec gas stations, so he did not start from the oil inspection, but later Master Luo remembered the owner said that he lent his cousin to ride for a week, it is likely that his cousin added inferior gasoline.

Pull out the vehicle gasoline, and the gasoline color contrast, you can see the obvious difference, of course, Master Luo does not have the ability to identify the quality of the oil, only to replace the gasoline to test. After replacing the gasoline, in order to clean the oil circuit, Master Luo added a bottle of carbon to the vehicle, and finally tested the vehicle and eliminated the fault.

A case of failure caused by the quality of gasoline was finally solved, it can be seen that EFI motorcycles should not be greedy for convenience and cheap, randomly find a gas station to refuel, when you can not confirm the quality of oil, please go to Sinopec, petrochina this large gas station plus the most reliable!

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