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How to deal with the motorcycle after flooding?
Release date:2023.08.10

Motorcycle wading should pay attention to the following points:

1, if you are not familiar with the section, do not wade.

Unfamiliar sections, you can not judge the depth of the water, or the location of the drainage Wells on the side of the road, if you accidentally enter the deep water area, or fall into the manhole, then there will be life danger.

2, familiar with the flooded section, to stop the car, look at the front of the vehicle wading, to judge the water depth, when the water depth reaches the position of the exhaust of their motorcycle exhaust pipe, then do not wade riding.

3, if the wading phenomenon of flame out, no matter what the reason, it is strictly prohibited to forcibly start, either for help, or push home.

After the motorcycle wades, the following checks and maintenance must be done:

1, release the oil, gear oil, remove the air filter, remove the spark plug, check whether the combustion chamber water.

2, if there is no water in the combustion chamber, replace the above accessories, check the circuit system is normal, you can start the vehicle.

3, if the combustion chamber water and cause the valve crooked, crankshaft connecting rod deformation, then the engine will be overhauled.

We take wading riders as an example to show you the inspection and maintenance of wading motorcycles.

First of all, when the vehicle is disassembled, it has been seriously flooded, so, release the oil, gear oil, has been seriously emulsified, the air filter is flooded, and the filter is wet and scrapped. The transmission box is disassembled for cleaning, drying and reloading.

After all the cleaning is completed, start the vehicle, can not start, judge the engine is damaged, must remove the engine.

Disassemble the engine and find that the valve leaks, judging that the valve is damaged, due to the mixing of water vapor and gasoline gas in the combustion chamber, there is a serious emulsion phenomenon, which needs to be cleaned.

After replacing the valve, cleaning the engine combustion chamber, do the EFI reset and initialization, and then start the vehicle, troubleshooting.

To conclude: As long as it is a motorcycle after wading, no matter whether it can start normally, it must go to the maintenance station for inspection and maintenance, because the motorcycle after wading may not have water in the combustion chamber and can work normally, but the motorcycle after wading is easy to produce oil and gear oil emulsification, and the transmission box is not cleaned up in time. It is easy to produce abnormal sound and other phenomena of transmission box.

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