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The world's top ten most expensive motorcycles, the price of up to 350 million, see in the end where you?
Release date:2023.08.10

Every man has a motorcycle dream in his heart, but due to practical reasons, many people stay away from motorcycles, they can't afford to buy them when they are young or their parents don't let them buy them, they can afford them when they are middle-aged but have no time, and their children don't let them buy them when they are old. Therefore, people who can really realize the motorcycle dream must have money and leisure, but also like motorcycles, and these three points are not easy for many people.

Is the large displacement of the locomotive is very expensive, now many people know, but it seems that only the insurance company does not know, in their eyes, motorcycle maintenance costs as long as more than 5000 yuan, the procedure is very complicated, so many owners are angry: how to buy insurance is so active enthusiasm, compensation is so delayed and difficult? Perhaps because in their eyes, the motorcycle is a very cheap means of transportation, but in fact, the motorcycle is also divided into high and low grade, the insurance company with low grade car price compared with the high-end motorcycle price, of course, it does not feel logical, this is actually the insurance company's own cognitive error, today we will take a look at the real precious motorcycle is what price!

Here are the top 10 most expensive motorcycles in the world:

No. 10 MV Augusta F4 Claudio, price: 1.38 million yuan.

The Augusta F4 Claudio is an extremely rare supercar, limited to only 100 units worldwide. China's holdings are known to be in the single digits. The Augusta F4 Claudio also has a carbon fiber body design. The wheels of the vehicle, calipers, shock absorption and other aspects are track level. Due to its beautiful design, this car is also known as the "art of the track".

Ninth place: Confederate B120 Ghost, price: about 3.6 million yuan.

The appearance of federateB120Wraith from the United States can be said to be full of industrial atmosphere. At first glance, it looks like a half-assembled, half-finished product, but in fact, the vehicle's exterior is all top-of-the-line carbon fiber. The vehicle is equipped with a 125 horsepower engine with a top speed of 310km/h, and it is reported that the cost of this engine alone is as high as 600,000 to 700,000 yuan.

No. 8 Verus 987C34V, price: about 4.2 million yuan.

This Vyrus987C34V from Italy, at first glance, you may think its design is very wonderful, because Vyrus987C34V front and rear wheels are equipped with rocker arms, the whole vehicle looks like a spring, subvert people's inherent impression of motorcycles. This car is equipped with the V2 water-cooled engine from 1198R, the maximum horsepower is 211 HP, the top speed is 310km/h, and the international 6 gear.

Seventh :MV Agusta F4CC, price: about 5 million yuan.

Like the F4 Claudio mentioned above, the Augusta F4CC is a motorcycle limited to 100 units worldwide. It is understood that the car was launched as a limited edition in honour of the former chairman of Augusta, Claudio Castigliani. The car is an improvement on the F4RC. Whether it is material, workmanship, design, belong to the top level of the industry. The performance of the engine is also very good, the maximum horsepower can reach an amazing 212, and the weight is only 175 kg.

No. 6 NCR Mike Hailwood TT, $5.5 million.

Anyone who is interested in motorcycle racing will know the "Isle of Man TT", and anyone who knows the Isle of Man TT will also know Mike Hailwood's champion rider, the car is designed in honor of Mike Hailwood. Since there are only 12 of them in the world, the price of the car is always high.

No. 5 ICONSheene, about 6.5 million yuan.

"Barry Sheehan" is a famous British motorcycle racer. Because he has won two consecutive MotoGP world titles, ICON, a company that specializes in motorcycle supercars, designed a limited edition supercar for him. The car is limited to 52 units worldwide. At the time, the car was only $155,000, and now it's worth $6.5 million.

Fourth: Dodge Tomahawk V10 superbike, price: about 19 million yuan.

This car is commonly known as "Dodge Tomahawk" motorcycle with 8.3L V10 engine, can produce 500 maximum horsepower, the top speed of nearly 670km/h, because the power is too strong, if riding too fast, the tire is easy to friction ground heat, resulting in engine combustion. And the high-speed air will also lift the rider, so so far no one dares to test the speed of the car, the vehicle is banned from the road.

No. 3 Hildebrand & Wolfmuller, about $120 million.

Seeing the picture, many people might mistake it for a bicycle. In fact, the Hildebrand & WolfMuller was first born in 1894 and belongs to the first motorcycles in the world. Although the performance of the vehicle is not strong, the top speed can only reach 45KM/H, but it is a well-preserved motorcycle, which is of great collection value.

Second place: The Spirit of EcosseES1, Price: about 120 million yuan.

The styling of this car is in line with the mainstream aesthetic. The EcosseES1Spirit is a supercar built with the help of British F1 engineers. The purpose of the birth of the vehicle is only one word - acceleration! The car is equipped with a special IL4 engine and can reach a top speed of 402km/h, because the vehicle is extremely difficult to handle, you must complete a two-week training at the head office of Ecosse.

No. 1: Neiman Marcus Limited Edition fighter, Price: 350 million yuan

This is a road-legal superbike. The car was made by Neiman, an American luxury department store chain. It is known that this car can only run at a maximum speed of 300km/h, but because of the global limit of 45, it can be legal on the road, so the Neiman Marcus limited edition fighter price on the market has been constantly raised, which was auctioned at a high price of 350 million yuan, so this car is also the most expensive motorcycle.

See here, I believe you have the answer for 350 million motorcycles. In fact, the motorcycle itself is not worth this price, even if it is gold-plated, it will not sell for several hundred million dollars. So this car can't simply be measured in terms of utility. As the saying goes, motorcycles are expensive, but relationships are priceless. For the people who like it, it is worth spending more money.

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