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Motorcycle circuit problem how to find?
Release date:2023.08.10

The frequency of motorcycle use is relatively high or the service life is relatively long, the circuit is easy to age and fail, but the failure is not a direct performance, but hidden and present, which makes the owner and the maintenance station very headache, because the owner confirms that there is a problem, but when the maintenance station is detected, everything is normal, so how to quickly find these problems? There are some soil methods, or quite effective! In summary, there are: water rush, shaking head, heavy pressure, hand shaking, playing big support, etc., these techniques are tried and tested! Examples are as follows.

Example 1: A Wuyang Honda SCR100 motorcycle that uses a long time, occasionally fails to start, the phenomenon of failure to start is rare, but there has always been, after the instrument has a light, the horn is normal, that is, the electric start has no reaction, because the phenomenon has no performance, it can not be measured with a multimeter, so after opening the electric door lock, it begins to shake the direction handle, and start the motorcycle, Shake two times when the fault occurs, the maintenance master immediately judged that the harness at the tap is broken, because there is a fixed harness at the tap of the scooter, the iron hoop and the harness friction for a long time, it will produce the harness inside the line is broken, and there is no complete break, it will produce the direction of the shake in one direction, just pull the harness, the fault will appear.

Example 2: A new continent Honda NS110R driving 160,000 kilometers, recently suddenly produced a phenomenon that can not start, once this phenomenon occurs, the user push a few meters may start normally, the owner suspects that it is a phenomenon caused by rain in these days. Because the owner comes to repair the vehicle is all normal, the vehicle is first detected with the EFI detector, and the EFI sensor system is all normal. Then it is ruled out that the EFI system can not start the reason. So the maintenance master used the car washing machine to wash the motorcycle circuit, and the fault did not appear.

Then the maintenance master loaded the owner, specially riding the bumpy road, (that is, the so-called heavy pressure, this method is the most easy to check the ground wire is bad), the fault did not appear. So the maintenance master will motorcycle big brace play ready to hand line, the failure suddenly appeared. It turns out that a wire of the starting coil is broken, and when playing the big support, the broken wire is completely pulled apart. If you play the big support, the broken wire will have several wires in contact, so it is difficult to check the fault.

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