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Efi motorcycle no idle speed reason analysis!
Release date:2023.08.24

A LEAD125 owner's LEAD has no idle speed, and the vehicle has no trouble lights. Efi motorcycle in the absence of failure lights without idle, there may be the following conditions: 1 is added inferior gasoline, 2 is the oil pump working pressure is not enough, 3 is the valve carbon deposit too much, 4 is the throttle need to be cleaned, 5 is the EFI system needs to be initialized.

The maintenance master first asked the owner of the refueling and maintenance situation, the owner said that he has been insisting on adding 95# gasoline in the regular fuel station, the total mileage of the vehicle is more than 9000 kilometers, and the oil and air filter are replaced regularly. Master Luo according to the real car judgment, the vehicle starts normally, the working sound is normal, but there is no idle, indicating that the vehicle gasoline engine valve is normal, the oil pump pressure is normal, because these two are not normal, the engine is not idle, at the same time, the vehicle is not good to start. So the maintenance master decided to clean the throttle and the EFI system initialization, because after cleaning the throttle, the EFI system must be reset, so the two are done together, so the fault should be eliminated.

The next is to clean the door and reset the EFI system, start the motorcycle after repair, return to normal, and idle speed is also available.

Afterwards, I discussed with the maintenance master, and the maintenance master said that the fault of this car was mainly eliminated by the initialization of the electric injection system. So why would a perfectly fine motorcycle suddenly have an EFI system malfunction? The most likely is that the motorcycle is in a strong magnetic environment, which interferes with the normal work of the EFI system, and which environment will have a strong magnetic environment? Generally, the environment with large current is most likely to produce a strong magnetic environment, such as the owner stayed near the high voltage line, stayed next to the transformer, and the environment when the welding machine is working has stayed, and in these environments, the engine is working, it may have an impact on the electric injection system.

Therefore, when your motorcycle refueling is normal, maintenance is normal, and there is no idle speed phenomenon in the case of no fault lights, it is likely to initialize the EFI system.

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