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Efi motorcycle fuel saving good start, but these ten must be kept in mind!
Release date:2023.08.24

As we all know, from July 1, 2019, the domestic officially strict implementation of motorcycle national four emission standards, all production, sales, and licensed models must reach the standard, farewell to the carburetor that has ruled the motorcycle industry for many years, and fully enter the era of electric injection. The intelligent electric injection fuel supply system is energy saving and environmental protection, which greatly reduces the harmful exhaust emissions. Although the emission is small compared with cars and motorcycles, it also contributes its own modest contribution to the cleanliness of the urban air and lays the foundation for a better riding environment.


Electric injection motorcycle, due to the use of a number of sensors, such as throttle position sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, oxygen sensors, etc., are sophisticated electronic components, electronic control lines are more and more complex, with "delicate" to describe the most appropriate, and carburetor models are completely different, maintenance methods are not the same.

First, do not place for a long time do not ride, many motorcycles are not riding bad, are put bad, put a long time, the battery is out of power, with this can not start the car, this is nothing, with the charger can be charged, a big deal to change the battery a few hundred dollars, afraid only some electronic components do not work for a long time, damp corrosion rust, the consequences are serious, Therefore, every half a month at most, the car should be started to slip out for a circle, charge the battery, remove the humidity of the electronic parts, and move the mechanical shaft.

Second, do not install high-power electrical appliances, a variety of spotlights, ground lights, hernia lights, big audio, cigarette lighter, USB charger and other motorcycle battery power consumption is more, the most afraid of battery loss, if the carburetor car is out of power can also be started by pushing, the model is almost impossible to push start, In addition, it is easy to affect the voltage stability of the electrical parts of the car itself, resulting in abnormal work. Therefore, it is best to consult the manufacturer or professional master when installing electrical appliances.

Third, do not open the key immediately press the start button, after the electric injection model is switched on, the system will have a self-test process, be sure to wait for the completion of the self-test and then start, the most significant feature is that the digital indicator light on the instrument is all lit, and then quickly return to normal, which represents the completion of the self-test, and then start the car.

Fourth, do not just start to accelerate, which is similar to the carburetor model, whether in winter or summer, to develop the habit of hot car after starting, see the engine speed and daily idle consistent, you can start, and then low speed riding for a period of time, and then gradually increase the speed, this is a dynamic hot car, can reduce engine wear.

Fifth, do not blast the throttle when starting, the carburetor model is helpful to start the throttle when starting, and the EFI model does not need to do so, the system has been adjusted, and it can be easily started without blasting the throttle.

Sixth, do not ride with less oil, the fuel tank of the EFI model will have a oil pump, which will produce a lot of heat at work, and the gasoline will play a cooling and heat dissipation role after the oil pump is immersed, so try not to ride with less oil, and the oil lamp will flash to refuel.

Seventh, do not turn off the car key for a long time, because after the car electric door lock is opened, the sensors on the car have begun to work, and the power consumption of the battery is quite large, which is easy to lead to battery loss. In addition, develop the habit of pulling the key after getting off the car, many models now have a switch, if you always turn off the key, give the bad guys an opportunity.

Eighth, do not over-wash the car, the electronic components of the electric spray model, the line connector is also more, although after waterproof treatment, the daily rainy day riding or normal car washing is not a problem, but if the high pressure washing of the electronic components, ensure that there will be a risk of water, resulting in normal work.

Ninth, do not let the strong magnetic near the ECU, ECU is the control unit of the motorcycle, working on the surrounding environment requirements are higher, if there is a strong magnetic field nearby, it may affect the transmission of sensor signals, causing interference.

Tenth, do not test and repair non-professional personnel, the EFI system is not easy to break, if there is any problem, to the professional qualified after-sales service shop for maintenance, must not disassemble themselves, so as not to cause damage to the ECU.

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