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Advantages and disadvantages of motorcycle high air intake!
Release date:2023.08.24

Those who know maintenance know that when we test whether the engine is repaired, as long as we put on the carburetor and ignition device, start the engine, and can operate normally, the engine can be determined to be repaired, so we think that the air filter is only the role of filtering the air, but the truth is far more than that.

Because the motorcycle is a running machine, the air filter in addition to filtering dust, but also consider the motorcycle in the long-term operation process, intake efficiency, air temperature changes, air pressure changes and other factors that affect the normal work of the motorcycle. Because these factors will affect the fuel consumption of motorcycles. Therefore, there are requirements for the structural shape of the air filter and the permeability of the air filter element.

As we all know, motorcycle high air intake can play a role in reducing air dust and extending the air filter replacement cycle, why do some motorcycles not use it?

In fact, the advantage of high air intake is that it can make the dust content of the air intake less and the air filter element more durable, but the high air intake will bring the structure is relatively complex and occupy the insufficiency of the bucket space. If it is only this weakness, it can be accepted, because in dusty rural areas, high air intake does have its value, after all, motorcycle owners in rural areas have weak maintenance awareness, and the road is dusty, high air intake can be a good response to such road conditions.

However, the weakness of high air intake is far more than these, for example, high air intake lengthens the intake channel of the motorcycle, which has a slight impact on the intake volume of the motorcycle, in addition, the temperature in the seat bucket will gradually increase during the driving process, and the oxygen content of the air will change after the temperature rises. If the high air intake is placed in the seat bucket, it will certainly affect the oxygen content of the intake air, and it is better if it is placed outside the seat bucket.

However, if there is no motorcycle with high air intake, such as Honda and Yamaha scooters, there are rubber shields or fenders around the tires to prevent dust from infusing the air filter intake, although it is not as clean as the high air intake, but it can basically achieve normal air quality, not to say that China's highway pavement has also been well improved. Then the air filter of Honda and Yamaha is changed to a better filter oil filter, which completely solves the role of air intake filtering dust, so the oil filter can also reach a replacement cycle of about 10,000 kilometers. Although the appearance looks very dirty when replaced, it just shows that the filter effect is good. This kind of air filter solves the problem of intake volume and intake air filtration well, and does not change the bucket space, saving manufacturing costs.

High intake motorcycles on the market are mainly Haojue, Dayang motorcycles, of course, high intake motorcycles in acceleration, carbon protection is certainly not better than Honda Yamaha motorcycles, but high intake motorcycles compared with other domestic brands, certainly still responsible and durable performance. After all, many domestic brands, especially second - and third-line brands of scooters, the engine is not durable, of which the air filter filtering effect is poor, because these models have neither high-quality air filter, but also consider the cost of high intake, the material of the air filter is still very poor, in the operation of the motorcycle, will produce aging, crack leakage, Cylinders naturally wear out easily.

Therefore, the high intake relative to the joint venture brand scooter, is a remedy for backward technology, not we can worship the high technology, relative to the domestic second and third line brands, but also responsible, quality control performance.

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