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The new 390 DUKE is coming, the displacement is increased, the weight is increased by 16kg~
Release date:2023.08.24

After much exposure of the new KTM 390DUKE, its 2024 model finally made its official debut today. This small curved rocket has been upgraded from the inside out, not only becoming "stronger", but also becoming stronger

Appearance design

Let's start with the appearance changes, the 2024 390 DUKE gives people the first impression of a beast with fangs, the current iconic Kendo face has been redesigned, the new LED light group is raised outwards, and its outer ring has added a set of LED light strips; The side coverings come out like sharp blades.

The visual appearance of the new car is fuller, and the strong body looks full of power. But you can't have your cake and eat it, and the new look also seems to lose the crisp, ready to control spirit of the current model; As for the overall shape is good or not to see the opinion ~

Core engine

The 2024 390 DUKE is also getting an engine upgrade, with KTM equips the new car with a new generation of LC4c engines. Cylinder diameter unchanged 89mm, stroke increased from 60mm to 64mm, the actual displacement increased from 373.2cc to 398.7cc; There are also improved transmissions and optimized cylinder heads.

Although the displacement of the new engine has been increased, the peak power of the new car remains the same as before, only 33kW, and the peak torque has been increased by 3N·m to 39N·m.

The reason for the small change in power parameters should be that the new engine meets the upcoming EURO 5.2 emission standards. The exhaust is changed from the high level of cash to the hidden bottom discharge design.

With increased displacement, the new 390DUKE also has a newly designed frame, a steel frame body + die-cast aluminum subframe, and a new aluminum rear rocker arm; The side-mounted rear shock absorber provides more space for the engine air box, allowing better kits to be installed.

It is reported that the new frame is not only for the sake of beauty, its main purpose is to enhance the dynamic performance of the vehicle by strengthening the torsional stiffness, improving flexibility and strengthening the frame chassis; Officials say the new frame improves cornering performance, stability and handling.

The suspension system of the new car is 43mm WP APEX inverted front fork (adjustable compression and rebound), WP APEX independent piston side rear shock absorber (adjustable rebound and preload), and the front and rear travel are 150mm. The seat height is reduced from 830 to 820mm, and the seat gasket can be disassembled to reduce the seat height to 800mm.

The 2024 390 DUKE has three riding modes: street, rain, track (display lap timing), and the auxiliary part has the standard PASC sliding grip, ejection start control, corner ABS, and Supermoto ABS.

All of this can be switched through the new 5-inch meter, which can connect to mobile phones, navigation, answering calls and more, and the new car has a more three-dimensional on-off button.

Although the brake part is still the front radial four-piston caliper +320mm single disc, the rear double-piston caliper +240mm(original 230mm) single disc, but the caliper and disc are newly designed, the new installation of the disc temperature reduction faster, the brake kit has high fading resistance and longer service life.

Other aspects include lightweight forged aluminum foot parts and lighter wheels; Tire specifications are the same as the cash front 110/70-17, rear 150/60-17; At present, the overseas version is Michelin semi-hot melt tires. There is also a thicker foam seat cushion with a narrower outline, which is reported to improve the comfort of both the rider and the rear seat.

However, these upgrades and optimizations from the engine, frame, suspension and expected braking have increased the dry weight of the 390DUKE small curved rocket by 16kg, from 149kg to 165kg. (Tank capacity is not disclosed at this time)

KTM's new 390 DUKE is finally here, whether the new shape looks good or not is a turnip green vegetables have their own love; The upgrade of displacement, frame and configuration is not perfunctory, and the comprehensive optimization is indeed very powerful; At the same time, it also further improves the competitive intensity of this level of street cars, I do not know who will follow up the next comprehensive upgrade?

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