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Another domestic 450 street car exposure, price or surprise?
Release date:2023.08.24

Domestic new models seem to have more and more personality, following the disclosure of the high gold 500ADV two days ago, recently there is a sharp appearance of the new street car exposure, this new car is from Qianjiang chase 450.

According to the model patent declared by Qian Jiang, this new chasing 450 design actually has many familiar elements, the front stack headlights can be seen on the Keiden, Suzuki and new KTM models, and the same door Benali new TNT also uses a similar design; The stack light set, like the beak before it, seems to be the next popular element.


The fairing on both sides of the new car should have some words, there is a group of outwards protruding air intake along the lower edge of the fuel tank, and then there is a small convex fairing wing; There are also fins extending backwards on either side of the headlights, and the whole front of the car seems a bit aerodynamic.

The power part of the new car should be equipped with the same platform engine of the race 450, this two-cylinder 449cc engine can provide 53 peak horsepower, 43N·m torque burst at 8000 RPM, according to Qian Jiang's usual way, the change of the engine is expected to be small.

The frame part is a popular single rocker arm design, the suspension is a combination of inverted front fork + rear center shock absorber, the brake is a front double disc brake + double piston caliper matching (should be Nissin); This combination is considered normal in the current competitive models.

Although the front of the new chase 450 has a unique appearance design, the taillights, auxiliary seats and other parts are the same as the sports car model, the reason for doing so is to reduce the development cost of the new car.

Street cars in today's domestic market is not as hot as in the past, and competitive models at the same level are still dominated by traditional big manufacturers, such as Wuji 525(34,000) and Spring breeze 450(28,000). In the case of such fierce domestic price competition, manufacturers often have a little advantage in price, in the case of Qianjiang's previous launch of the game 450, this upcoming new model chasing 450 May give you a surprise.

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