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Wuling's first motorcycle is listed! The Seeper 501 starts at 27,900, all with standard ABS+TCS
Release date:2023.08.31

On August 24, Wuling Motor's first fuel motorcycle Saipo 501 was officially listed, with two versions, namely 501Camping and 501City, priced at 27,900 and 29,900.

The Seper 501 is equipped with the KE525 in-line two-cylinder engine provided by Longxin Power, with a maximum power of 39.5KW and a maximum torque of 50.5N·m. It is equipped with a sliding clutch, Bosch EFI, dual-channel ABS and TCS.

The Seper 501 uses a personalized styling in CM homogenized style, with round retro TFT gauges, all-vehicle LED light sources, adaptive headlights, front in-line shock absorbers, and front floating brake disks. The premium version also has rear airbag shock absorbers and vacuum wheels.

The Seper 501 combines the sporty elements with the cruising style, with the dual use of daily mobility and motorcycle riding, the price can also be close to the average level of its class, and the manufacturing process is also integrated into the stringent requirements of the automotive sector.

The listing of the 501 has caused a lot of attention and discussion, some people think that it is an innovative and practical product, others think that it is a lack of features and competitiveness of the product. So, what kind of motorcycle is the Seeper 501? Can it succeed in the market? And who is it suitable for buying?

Let's take a look at the power performance of the Seeper 501. The KE525 engine used in the car is supplied by Longxin Power, one of the largest motorcycle engine manufacturers in China, whose products cover various displacement segments from 50cc to 800cc. The KE525 engine is an in-line two-cylinder engine launched by Longxin Power in 2019, with an actual displacement of 494cc, a maximum power of 39.5KW (about 54 horsepower), and a maximum torque of 50.5N·m. Such figures are relatively good in the 500cc class of motorcycles, such as the competing Honda CB500X and Suzuki GSX-S500 only have a maximum power of 35KW (about 48 HP). Moreover, the KE525 engine is also equipped with advanced technologies such as sliding clutch and Bosch EFI to ensure its performance in shifting, fuel consumption and emissions.


Let's look at the configuration level of the Seper 501. The car is also as good as its competitors in its class in terms of configuration, and even exceeds them in some aspects. For example, the Sipper 501 is equipped with a circular retro TFT meter that can display speed, RPM, fuel, mileage, clock, battery voltage, water temperature and other information, and can realize navigation, music, phone and other functions through the Bluetooth connection of the phone.

In addition, the Sipper 501 is also equipped with a full-vehicle LED light source, where the headlights also have adaptive functions, which can automatically adjust the brightness and Angle according to road conditions and the environment. In terms of braking, the Sipper 501 uses the front floating brake disc and the west reciprocal four-piston caliper, and the standard dual-channel ABS ensures the braking effect and safety. In terms of suspension, the Sipper 501 uses front-mounted shock absorbers that can adjust the roll Angle and stiffness to adapt to different road conditions and driving styles. The high quality version also uses a rear airbag shock absorber, which can adjust the air pressure and damping through the remote control to achieve soft and hard. In terms of wheels, the high configuration version also uses vacuum wheels, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of tire blowouts and air leaks.

In terms of exterior design, the exterior design of this car was jointly completed by Wuling Automobile and CM Design Company, CM Design Company is an internationally renowned motorcycle design company, whose works include Honda CBR1000RR, Yamaha R1, Ducati Monster and so on. The exterior design of the Seper 501 adopts a personalized shape under the homogenized style of CM, combining sports elements and cruise style, both dynamic and comfortable. Seper 501 body lines smooth and full of tension, the front showing a hook-like shape, the rear is showing an upward attitude, the whole gives a sharp and imperious feeling. The color of the 501 is also very fashionable and beautiful, with a variety of choices such as black, white, red, blue, etc., of which black and white are exclusive for the standard version, and red and blue are exclusive for the high matching version.

Take a look at the market positioning and competitiveness of the Seeper 501. The market positioning of this car is a 500cc class cruise car, mainly for young people and motorcycle enthusiasts. It has the dual use of daily transportation and motorcycle cycling, which can meet the needs of urban commuting and also meet the needs of long-distance travel. Its price is also close to the average for models in its class, such as the Honda CB500X and Suzuki GSX-S500, which are both around 30,000 yuan. Its manufacturing process also incorporates the stringent requirements of the automotive sector, guaranteeing its performance in terms of quality and durability. Therefore, the Seper 501 is an innovative and practical product that can attract the attention and love of many consumers.

The Seper 501 is not perfect, and it has some shortcomings. For example, in terms of fuel tank capacity, it is only 13.8L, which is slightly insufficient compared with the same class of models, and may require frequent refueling during long-distance riding. In terms of range, the official has not released specific data, but according to the engine displacement and power speculation, it may not exceed 300km, and may need to carry a spare fuel tank when riding. In terms of storage space, it also does not provide any storage boxes or hooks and other facilities, in the daily transportation may need to purchase additional equipment such as trunk or backpack. In terms of brand influence, it is also less than the same level of models, in the minds of consumers may not be so high recognition and trust.

The Cyper 501 is a motorcycle worth watching and trying, it is not only a means of transportation, but also a lifestyle. It can bring you different driving fun and travel experience, so that you feel free and happy on the road. If you are a young person or a motorcycle enthusiast, then the Sipper 501 May be the best choice for you. Don't hesitate to act quickly!

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