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Always remember, don't be cheap!
Release date:2023.08.31

Gasoline for motorcycles, just like human food, if the food is not nutritious, or even harmful food, the harm to the human body can be imagined. Therefore, the quality of gasoline directly affects the quality of your motorcycle work. But how to tell the difference between good and bad gasoline quality? What will happen if inferior ones are added?

What will happen if you use poor quality gasoline for a long time?

1, for the electric spray car hurt the gasoline pump;

The gasoline pump of the electric injection motorcycle has a filter screen, and the inferior gasoline contains too much impurities and gum, which is easy to block the filter screen, which will hurt the oil pump. After the oil pump is damaged, it will produce ineffective pump oil, the vehicle has no idle speed, late shutdown, difficult to start and other faults. Even make the oil pump burn out.

2, for the carburetor motorcycle, damage the oil road;

Inferior gasoline is easy to block the fuel negative pressure switch, which also makes the vehicle difficult to start, no idle, easy to stall and other symptoms.

3, premature failure of the three-way catalytic catalyst;

Because the sulfur content of gasoline is too high, the sulfur produced after combustion is too much, which is easy to make the three-way catalytic catalyst in the exhaust pipe prematurely fail, and even because of the high gum content and serious carbon accumulation, it is easy to cause the exhaust pipe blockage and other failures. Make the motorcycle driving weak, machine temperature rise, easy to stall and other symptoms.

4, easy to cause engine piston failure;

Because of the addition of low-quality gasoline for a long time, these gasoline have a high octane number, resulting in poor coordination during engine ignition and high internal temperature of the piston. Because the engine is made of aluminum, it cannot withstand ultra-high temperatures, which will cause the piston to soften and damage your engine.

5, easy to cause valve failure;

Because of the high gum content of inferior gasoline, it is easy to produce carbon deposition, which makes the valve close loosely, and even bad piston, bending valve and other serious engine failures.

6. Easy to cause rust on the inner wall of the fuel tank;

Due to high corrosive impurities, long-term use of inferior gasoline will cause serious rust on the inner wall of the fuel tank, further damaging the oil pump, oil switch and other components.

So how to identify the quality of gasoline is good or bad? Expert people generally start from the following aspects:

One, smell

Normal gasoline will have some light aroma, there are many people like to smell the taste of gasoline, but if the smell is relatively heavy, more pungent, it means that the gasoline is added to other impurities.

Two, look at the color

No. 92 gasoline, Sinopec is transparent and colorless, China Petroleum is transparent with a light yellow, No. 95 gasoline is green and transparent, if the color is not consistent, and there are impurities in the gasoline, floating matter, sediment, etc., it means that the oil is relatively poor or the oil is placed for a long time.

Three, listen to the sound

This is also the best difference between the owner, if the oil quality is not good and there are impurities, then the engine will be slow when firing, sometimes more than a few times, and the motorcycle will shake badly when driving or neutral, especially when starting or neutral. And you can observe the exhaust pipe to see if the exhaust pipe is shaking badly.

Four, look at the exhaust gas

Look at the color of the exhaust gas discharged from the exhaust cylinder, if the exhaust gas is relatively black or has other colors, the color is not the same as usual, or there is an abnormal smell, it means that the oil is relatively poor.

For beginners who do not know what they are doing, they only need to add oil from a regular fuel station to avoid it. In short, the quality of gasoline still need to pay more attention, more observation, add more, naturally will understand, or must keep in mind, do not be cheap.

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