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So many secrets about motorcycle color?
Release date:2023.08.31

As for buying motorcycles, the orientation of girls to buy motorcycles is significantly different from that of boys.

The vast majority of men and women go into motorcycle shops, the men will care about the performance of the motorcycle, while the women only cheer the appearance of the motorcycle.

In fact, do not feel that girls look at the level of appearance "superficial", if you are a senior fan, you will find that in addition to the quality and price of motorcycles, "color" is also a place of concern and entangling.

Color not only determines the appearance of a motorcycle, but also hides a lot of secrets you don't know.

The color of the motorcycle body is closely related to sales, retention rate, and even driving safety.

Next, let Xiaobian take you to explore the secrets of motorcycle color!

1. Body color affects sales

According to the automobile and motorcycle color trend data released by the world's well-known automotive coating suppliers, natural colors are still the most favored colors by car buyers.

According to the report, more than 75% of motorcycles produced worldwide are white, black, gray or silver. This is fully reflected in the Honda PCX150 launched in 2019, and the common color of the new five books is white, gray, and black, and then the two colors of red and blue are given to the five and the new book respectively. Among the four colors of white, black, gray and silver, white is still the most popular color in the world. Black, silver and gray are in second, third and fourth place.

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It is generally believed that white motorcycles look newer and have better lines than other colored cars, and there are even people who believe that white motorcycles are more resistant to dirt.

For example, the bike will inevitably collision and friction, if the deep color such as black, paint or scratches, it will look very obvious, but if the car is white, even if the paint looks not very obvious.

2, the body color affects the temperature

The summer motorcycle has experienced a long time of exposure, the gasoline in the tank of the black motorcycle is more likely to volatilize to the carbon tank, which is easy to cause the vehicle to start badly, and many owners have encountered similar failures.

In the summer, wearing light clothes will feel cooler than wearing dark clothes, so the same principle applies to motorcycles. A team has done a professional test: After several different colors of the same model are exposed to the sun for an hour, the temperature of the tank cap position of these vehicles is measured with an infrared thermometer. The test results show that the green body is 40.2 ° C, the pure white body temperature is 41.7 ° C, the silver body is 46.7 ° C, the red body is 48.6 ° C, and the highest temperature of the black body is 49.8 ° C! Of course, this result varies with the amount of gasoline in the tank.

So it seems that light-colored motorcycles are more resistant to summer.

3, the color of the car determines the number of bird droppings

This theory sounds funny, because our motorcycles like to park in the shade of trees in the summer, and our motorcycles are often "flattered" by bird droppings. Color can affect an animal's mood. A survey has been done, and the results show that most birds have a certain ability to distinguish colors.

Red is visually stimulating, blue is like a lake, and black is the clearest reflection, which is similar to human understanding, but the expression of birds is defecation.

Birds like the most "pet" is the white car, because the white body can produce strong reflection, birds will feel a threat to it, scare leads to incontinence, so people often see bird droppings in the white car.

Guano contains acidic substances, will have a serious corrosion of the car paint, in the car for a long time, will erode the paint into a bumpy state.

4. Motorcycle color affects safety

The occurrence of traffic accidents is closely related to the color of motorcycles. Black motorcycles are the most prone to accidents. During the day, black motorcycles are 12 percent more likely to be involved in an accident than white motorcycles, but in the evening and early morning, the figure is as high as 47 percent, with gray, blue and green motorcycles the next most dangerous after black motorcycles, followed by red and silver motorcycles. Next came yellow motorcycles, while white motorcycles were the safest.

Careful friends will find that the Meituan takeaway helmet, clothes, boxes are yellow. This also takes into account the safety of the motorcycle. Therefore, owners who often want to ride at night should carefully choose black. Instead, lean toward yellow and white.

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